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Turkish Poetry and Literature

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World Poetry Day
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1.       slavica
814 posts
 22 Mar 2006 Wed 06:35 pm

World Poetry Day is on March 21, and was declared by UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) in 1999. The purpose of the day is to promote the reading, writing, publishing and teaching of poetry throughout the world and, as the UNESCO session declaring the day says, to 'give fresh recognition and impetus to national, regional and international poetry movements.'

UNESCO World Poetry Directory is a website created and hosted by UNESCO following the proclamation of World Poetry Day.

This website brings lists of festivals, prizes, journals, and associations of the world of poetry. It also provides links with major web sites, presenting poetry activities in UNESCO Member States, Associated Members and Non-member States.

Turkish poetry is represented by Contemporary Turkish Literature Website

* * *

Wishing all poetry lovers and all Turkish Class members

A Happy World Poetry Day!

I'm using the opportunity to thank administration for their understanding and changing Cultural Forums back to their old style.

In the same time, I call all members to contribute in making this forums a place for sharing our love for art, practicing language at the best possible way – through poetry and literature, improving our knowledge about Turkish and world culture – a pleasant place for enjoying company of people with the same affinities and the same interests.

2.       ramayan
2633 posts
 23 Mar 2006 Thu 02:10 am

thank you very much for informing and sharing this with us.

3.       mella
202 posts
 23 Mar 2006 Thu 02:40 pm

Thank You, Slavica!!!!

My congratulations to You too


4.       MaryEldar
0 posts
 16 Apr 2006 Sun 10:40 am

Hello again.

May be too late, but here is my poetry, for "World Poetry Day":


Put on your beautiful clothes;
the day of happiness has arrived;
comb the tangles from your hair;
put on your most attractive clothes
and your splendid leather;
hang great pendants in your ears;
put on a good belt; string garlands
around your shapely throat;
put shining coils on your plump upper arms.

Glorious you will be seen,
for none is more beautiful here
in this town, the seat of Dzitbalché.

I love you, Beautiful Lady.
I want you to be seen; in
truth you are very alluring,

I compare you to the stars
because they desire you up to the moon
and in the flowers of the fields.

Pure and white are your clothes, maiden.
Go give happiness with your laugh,
put goodness in your heart, because today
is the moment of happiness.

I hope like you this mayan poetry, written by Ah Bam.

Mary T.

5.       mustafa_32
2 posts
 19 Apr 2006 Wed 09:12 am


Where are the poetry? Come on, each one send a poem from his country, ok?

Since USA (where i'm living now) :

Your eyes are like the light of my world,
they warm me up, when I am in the cold,
Gentle as the ocean waving softly,
making my mind all lofty,
As your face I could never forget,
If I could talk to God, I would say I am in His dept,
to send such a angel down to my lonely door step,
How undeserving am I?
For something that should be free to fly?
You smile so beautiful to me eveso dearest,
As when I kiss you does my head feel dreariest,
My mind is in a haze,
your touch could would send me dazed,
How I love you so,
But as everything so beautiful, had to go...
So fly to the sky,
that heavenly place where I have met Thy.

Tessekur ederim!!

6.       slavica
814 posts
 19 Apr 2006 Wed 02:55 pm

Great idea, Mustafa
(Can you just, please, mention the name of author of the poem?)
Come on, friends! Post here poems by authors from your country!
Here is my contibution – a poem of Serbian poetess Desanka Maksimovic.


While watching all these early buds and swallows,
I can feel tonight
that my heart’s slowly growing over sorrows
as someone’s horizon on smiley days might;

That it’s getting bigger like all plants around
and as light as feather,
and that all happiness that’s above the ground
and a Hell of pain wouldn’t really matter:

It’s longing for all things that a life as such
could give nice to thy,
and completely nothing wouldn’t be too much--
it’s eager desire and hopes are so high.

Everything that’s happened has been just a play
of my heart on fire;
my true love has never been given away
as much as I could and as I desire;

There are, in my deeps, gentle tides of words
never let outside;
I could give my heart to everyone on worlds,
yet, it would remain a lot of it inside.

Desanka Maksimovic
Translation: Dragana Konstantinovic

7.       mara
145 posts
 19 Apr 2006 Wed 03:25 pm

Romanian poet : 1. LUCIAN BLAGA

A road to light
dedicated to my child to come

I struggle to walk
Through a forest of dreams
To find the right path
That will take me out into light.

I try many paths
Most times the easy and flat
The large and walked on;
Other times I dare to go up.

I take the courage for I think on the top
There will be light, there will be freedom
And the air that is pure there
Will refill my energy stores.

I take another step, after another
I stumble and rise, I continue my journey
With every step the light gets closer,
I long for it and I learn to enjoy the ride.

So thank you my star
My little star shinning with hope
I found you in the oldest dream
And you are here lighting the way to the future.

The future is you my little star
you will transform to my sun
I will warm up my soul
At your flame
When I will grow old, and tired
I know you will be again my source of energy.
I will search for you, wait for you to appear on my way
And I will love you above all.

2. Marin Sorescu
I have seen light

I have seen light on earth
And I decided to be born
To see how you are doing.
Healthy? Strong?
Still happy?
Thanks, don't answer me!
I don't have time for answers,
I barely have some time to ask,
But I like this place
It's warm and beautiful;
There's so much light that
Grass is growing;
And over there that girl
Looks at me with her soul
No dear, don't bother to love me;
I would drink a coffee though,
I'd like to drink it from your hands
Cause you know how to make it

8.       Boop
785 posts
 19 Apr 2006 Wed 03:31 pm

How Beautiful, Mara - lovely poem

9.       ramayan
2633 posts
 19 Apr 2006 Wed 05:47 pm

I hold it true, whate'er befall;
I feel it, when I sorrow most;
'Tis better to have loved and lost
Than never to have loved at all.

Alfred Tennyson - 1850

dis is for istanbulians no... for Türkiye

10.       yusuf :)
0 posts
 19 Apr 2006 Wed 06:06 pm

hey,,,this is my latest poem

its title ( yusuf and turkisclass love)

turkishclass is like a tree
under its shadow who will lie with me

turkishclass is the best site
i will be here all day and night

come here , come here you will see
no enemys
no vilont
love , u will see

come here come here u will see
all people are first degree
except lettle not to be
come here come here u will see

in a whisper to admin i will say
i will be here allover the day.

writen by

this poem is a lettle expresition to what inside me for that site.
i hope all firends here find it good

waiting all friends opions.......

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