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Turkish ladies help please
1.       Loveprague
627 posts
 30 Oct 2008 Thu 02:26 pm

Hi all,

        I need some help please from the Turkish lady members on T.C. as christmas is coming I wanted to buy my wife a nice pair of boots for the winter, we both saw a great pair and a pair she really liked in a shop called Greyder in Taksim Istanbul, but they were not available in her size, I have not got a picture but have a description of the boots.


The boots were similar to a pair of boxing boots although they came just up to half way up the calf, the boots were black and laced at the front but had a nice flat heel and were very comfortable to wear, my wife tried on a similar pair in her size but they were brown in colour.  I would really like to get a pair for her as a surprise would you help me please{#lang_emotions_bigsmile}



The boots were very similar to these but not as high up the calf


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2.       TheAenigma
5001 posts
 30 Oct 2008 Thu 03:09 pm

Dearest Rich

Sorry to go off topic.....just wanted to thank you for the update on things and to apologise that I can´t reply because for some reason because (at work) I can´t send PMs


Love to you both and will reply to you ASAP.






3.       Elisabeth
5732 posts
 30 Oct 2008 Thu 03:47 pm

Hey Rich....has Nesrin taken up female wrestling?  hehehe....just kidding!  But they do remind me of the wrestling boots my brother used to wear.{#lang_emotions_lol_fast}


Ok!  I promise not to derail your thread further!  Best wishes.

4.       teaschip
3870 posts
 30 Oct 2008 Thu 05:00 pm

Rich, how about phoning the store and ask what brand they are.  Then maybe you can find online and order.

5.       lady in red
6947 posts
 30 Oct 2008 Thu 06:08 pm

Why don´t you go back to the store and ask them to get them for you in her size?

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