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Turkey Record...
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1.       freshman
704 posts
 08 Aug 2005 Mon 10:51 pm

I think Turkey visiting record will be broken by tourists this year..what is your idea??

2.       Nikki
51 posts
 09 Aug 2005 Tue 07:28 pm

Turkey is becoming more and more popular. Also because of our currencies against the Turkish Lire, YTL, gives us a good exchange rate. Also investing in I believe a var deli bank account has given good interest.

It is still affordable for buying properties on the coast. People have been investing in real estate and are still buying holiday homes and many people are taking up residency in Turkey.

We still have a snag not so many flights in Winter. We have petitioned to airlines for this assistance, with so many people owning our our homes now.

Yes, you are right, it is getting more popular every year.

3.       freshman
704 posts
 09 Aug 2005 Tue 07:35 pm

thnx for your support Nikki..

4.       Lyndie
968 posts
 10 Aug 2005 Wed 12:54 am

I never stop tellling my friends to go to Turkey for their holidays, as far as I'm concerned it is the best holiday destination in the world.

I've been to quite a few different places, but only in Turkey do you get good value for money, great weather, great scenery, fantastic historic places and the best people in the world. No where else can you find people like you meet in Turkey. My phone and address books are full of Turkish names. I spend a fortune on texts and postage keeping in touch with the numerous Turkish friendsI have made on every trip. I love them and I love Turkey.

I definitely feel like it is the place I want to spend the rest of my life. Just a couple more years of work and grey England and I'll be there forever.

There are holidays in Turkey to suit every budget or you can just travel around on a shoestring.

More power to the Turkish tourist industry which i believe is very important to the Turkish economy. I will soon post an essay about this.

5.       Kajsa
6 posts
 10 Aug 2005 Wed 03:44 pm


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6.       Kajsa
6 posts
 10 Aug 2005 Wed 03:46 pm


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7.       mara
145 posts
 10 Aug 2005 Wed 05:20 pm

Here is an article from daily news about the " Turkish Record "

Foreign tourism in Turkey jumps 22 percent in July
Wednesday, August 10, 2005

ISTANBUL - Turkish Daily News

The number of tourists visiting Turkey in July rose 22.12 percent year-on-year to hit 3.16 million, official data showed.

The increase occurred despite a bomb blast in the popular Aegean port of Cesme that wounded 20 and another in Kusadasi that destroyed a minibus, killing five people.

The data provided no breakdown to show whether tourist numbers dropped at all in the second half of the month following the blasts. In addition, Israel on Monday warned its citizens to avoid Turkey's southern coast, citing "terror threats" against them, underlining the vulnerability of the country's tourism industry.

Tourist numbers jumped 25.80 percent year-on-year to 11.72 million in the first seven months of this year, data from the Tourism Ministry showed this week. Germans remained the largest group to visit Turkey in July, accounting for 20.05 percent of all foreign visitors. Russians and Britons followed as the next biggest groups.

Tourism revenues are a vital source of foreign currency for Turkey as it tries to curb a widening current deficit. Analysts say a good summer tourist season will help dent the deficit and even turn it to surplus during the holiday season. Turkey expects to generate $18 billion from tourism in 2005. Tourism revenues topped $15.89 billion last year, up from $13.20 billion in 2003. Analysts say Turkey could exceed its 2005 target, noting that even in the relatively quiet first quarter, revenues rose 16.4 percent year-on-year to $1.994 billion.

The renewal of terrorist attacks by the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) seems to have come at a time when many people have begun to accept terrorism as just another risk in life, since back in the 1990s such a wave of attacks would have resulted in many travel cancellations.

The security threat that forced Israeli officials to divert four cruise ships from Turkey's Mediterranean port of Alanya last week may have been linked to terrorist organization al-Qaeda rather than the PKK. Following the arrest of suspects in the al-Qaeda suicide bombings in Istanbul in November 2003, some of the prisoners confessed to have originally been targeting an Israeli vessel in a Turkish port. Major cruise lines have been planning to return to Istanbul next season, providing tens of thousands of room-nights to local hotels.

Should the Israeli experience be repeated, those plans could be changed unless Turkish authorities

8.       freshman
704 posts
 15 Aug 2005 Mon 10:22 pm

thanx for information..

9.       duskahvesi
858 posts
 16 Aug 2005 Tue 11:17 am

turkish people like tourist..
i think especially girls

10.       Lyndie
968 posts
 17 Aug 2005 Wed 12:00 am

Ah duskhavesi,

It is not Turkish 'people' that especially like girls. It is Turkish boys.....hehe Actually not just girls, but ladies generally!

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