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"The World Is Drinking At The Last Chance Saloon"
1.       TheAenigma
5001 posts
 10 Dec 2008 Wed 07:30 pm

For those people who still think it is a myth....


The Polish city of Poznan, host of this week´s vital climate change summit, may become known as the place where the Earth was saved – or doomed.  Summing up what many scientists, environmentalists and politicians now think about the threat of climate change is simple: the world is drinking in the last chance saloon.


Time is still available to tackle the warming of the atmosphere, which every government (including that of George Bush FINALLY!) today accepts is real, and being caused by human actions. But the window of opportunity is rapidly closing, and the last chance for the world to act in concert to bring the process under control is clearly visible: it is the UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen scheduled for December 2009.


"But what cannot be disregarded is the pressure of the science, which gets more ominous. "The world desperately needs an effective equitable global deal to be secured in Copenhagen next year, and Poznan fires the starting gun on that process," said Robin Oakley, head of climate and energy for Greenpeace UK. "At the moment, we are heading for something like four degrees of temperature rise, which would be catastrophic," said Ed Matthew, head of climate change for Friends of the Earth. "We are running out of time."



2.       Daydreamer
3743 posts
 10 Dec 2008 Wed 09:12 pm

The Polish city of Poznań is a great place for important meetings. I recall that´s where Kitty and me spent a very interesting time discussing all possible aspects of TC and its members lol

3.       bod
5999 posts
 10 Dec 2008 Wed 11:27 pm

I really don´t understand why inteeligent people keep going on about climate change.........


Sure - the climate is changing, and not in a good way.   But the climate of the Earth has always changed over time........it is just that until now humans have not had the silly idea that they might be responsible for or able to change the process.

4.       Daydreamer
3743 posts
 11 Dec 2008 Thu 01:30 pm


5.       bod
5999 posts
 11 Dec 2008 Thu 01:33 pm


Quoting Daydreamer



 lol A nice way of putting it lol

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