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International phone cards
1.       angelina7
66 posts
 04 Jan 2009 Sun 11:21 pm


I would like to ask the opinions of anyone who uses international phone cards to make calls from UK to Turkey. 

I buy mine on-line but there are so many sites available I´m not sure that I am getting the best deal.  The site I am currently using is Planetphones.com which seems fine except for the fact that I never get the number of minutes which it says I will get.  When I first use a £5 card it says I have 800+ minutes but in actual fact I actually get around 150 over a period of 4-5 calls.


I just wondered what other sites people use and if anyone has found any really good ones which give excellent value for money ........like FREE calls for example would be excellent {#lang_emotions_lol}


2.       bod
5999 posts
 06 Jan 2009 Tue 02:50 pm

My mother has a number of international destinations included in her calling allowance.......changing to a supplier that does this might just be a solution to your problem!

3.       angelina7
66 posts
 08 Jan 2009 Thu 10:42 pm

thank you bod.... i´ll look into this and see what I can find.     

4.       bod
5999 posts
 09 Jan 2009 Fri 11:52 am

Both myself and my mother use PlusNet and have no problems with them at all.......I don´t have a phone package as I only have a landline for my internet connection but I would definately recommend them........


BTW - if you do use PlusNet let me know first cos I get a reward for recommending them - although I wouldn´t recommend them unless they were good which they are!!!

5.       tinababy
1096 posts
 09 Jan 2009 Fri 06:38 pm

try the webpage dialaround.com - You can ring landline - landline for 2p per minute

You have to put a phone number in first and then the number you are calling

6.       angelina7
66 posts
 10 Jan 2009 Sat 09:09 pm

Thank you again Bod.... I don´t really want to change my internet provider as I also have my telephone and tv package with them and get an excellent deal!!



Thank you to you also Tinababy.... I checked out the site and Rebtel looks quite promising.  Have you used them yourself? 

7.       solitaire
85 posts
 19 Nov 2009 Thu 03:07 pm



I buy the international phonecards from the Turkish shops which you can get one from First National .... lots of ppl call it the black card.  You pay £5 and get £5 free.  Plus if you use a landline you can call free of charge 0800 number.  I find that these give me the best deal at the moment.

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