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German Nazis and Ludwigshafen Pogrom
1.       tamikidakika
1346 posts
 07 Jan 2009 Wed 02:29 pm

1/267 of Kristallnacht

"We are not a nation that organizes arson attacks against Turks; only some idiots and fanatics do it and we are fighthing them," says German Interior Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble. It reminds me of something:
During 1920s, being aware of their insufficient popular support, cautious Nazi administration was claiming that "they are not supporting anti-Semitist attacks."
According to Uwe Lohalm´s book on "Early Nazism", "reports agree that the mood for Jewish pogroms are spreading systematically in all parts of the country by 1921."
Considering "Early Neo-Nazism," we are observing a similar rise of racist attacks in Germany nowadays, but against Turks this time.
In 1921, almost nobody in the world was able to notice the upcoming genocide. We might be experiencing a similar phase again, if you consider the stance of some German politicians.
Nine Turks -five of them were children- have been killed in a fire in Ludwigshafen. The international media started to voice doubts about a racially motivated arson. And what did German politicians do at first?
Interior Minister Schaeuble urged people not to jump to any conclusions and said that "It is a terrible misfortune, it is really a catastrophe, but there is currently - so far as I know - absolutely no basis for any wide-ranging assumptions." Instead of being busy with the cause of the fire, he accused Turkey´s Berlin ambassador -who rightfully criticized German politicians´ remarks- and he told that Turkish diplomat "should be taught of manners."
And we have Kurt Beck, State PM of SPD. He told that "There is no mark of a xenophobic attack." The building has still been burning when he said these words and obviously the police investigation hasn´t even been started yet.
The witness accounts and tragicomical stance of such irresponsible politicians made me believe that it was definitely an arson of neo-Nazis.
These politicians seem like hiding something and how can you trust them if you know the following facts?
1) Neo-Nazis had thrown molotov coctails in 2006 to the SAME building and they were never caught by the police.
2) When the building was in fire two days ago, the famous Turkish baby -who has been thrown from the window by his uncle to save him- was grabbed by a police officer of TURKISH origin. Many people died because firefighters were not there on time with their cushions and other tools that would let the victims to jump to the street.
3) The police investigation is extremely slow. Even in any Third World country, identifying the cause of the fire is a matter of hours. German police didn´t announce it yet and they didn´t even publish the robot portrait of the suspect that has been described in detail by two witnesses.
So Turkish authorities in Ankara were right to distrust German officials and it was indeed legitimate to demand to send a team of Turkish experts to "help" the investigation.
Once I had an interview with Schaeuble. When he talks with Turkish press, he seems like an angel, a protector, even a saviour of German Turks. But when he speaks to German media, he is so different. A classical -and maybe universal- hypocrisy of conservative politicians.
But even CDU hypocrisy is good if we talk about a worse trend: Neo-Nazism. Let´s don´t forget something:
During Kristallnacht of 1938, a total of 267 synogogues have been set on fire.
In 2008, "Ludwigshafen Fire" was 1/267 of Kristallnacht when you consider the number of arsoned "minority" buildings. And when it comes to the death toll, it was 1/10 of Kristallnacht with nine dead "foreigners."
In a country where Nazi warcriminals are still being honored as heroes and discriminative assimilation policies are still being defended as the postmodern Final Solution...
One... Two... Three...
How many Solingens are needed to wake up?


2.       bod
5999 posts
 09 Jan 2009 Fri 11:35 am


Quoting tamikidakika

Interior Minister Schaeuble urged people not to jump to any conclusions


I don´t think he meant jump quite that literally!!!

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