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who is terorist israil or palistinians ???
1.       karamurat
7 posts
 12 Jan 2009 Mon 02:30 am

israil said that they are in gazza to kill the terorist right which is hamas 

who is hamas ?hamas is politic group in gazza which come by election people vote for them to govern gazza why they are terorist because they agains to israil and that make them terorist even the babies in gazza are terorist !!!

who is israil by the way in united nasion has separeted to palistin two piece they give to israil %55 and palistinians %45 which is thats not even fair  but if you look at the map now israil has concord %90 and left %10 to palistinians 

when palistinians attact to take it back what is belong to them that make them terorist

but when israil attact to kill babies that make israil  offence himself

i just feel shame to live in this world as human been

i think democrasy and human rights has been barried in GAZZA also

2.       Daydreamer
3743 posts
 12 Jan 2009 Mon 01:04 pm

Like I´ve already said here, terrorism is relative. Your perception of terrorism depends on where you are and what you believe in.

3.       karamurat
7 posts
 12 Jan 2009 Mon 02:44 pm


Quoting Daydreamer

Like I´ve already said here, terrorism is relative. Your perception of terrorism depends on where you are and what you believe in.


 i dont know what are you believe in but i agree with the fight with terorizm but i dont think or it doesnt look like israil behind the terorists  it look like to me genoside what is happening in GAZZA now

4.       Daydreamer
3743 posts
 12 Jan 2009 Mon 05:52 pm


Quoting karamurat

  i agree with the fight with terorizm


That´s a dangerous statement. So, if Israel´s operation is to fight terrorism (Hamas) you think their ways are justified? See, if you agree that terrorists must be killed then it works for EVERYBODY that´s called a TERRORIST. And it is imprecise as one man´s terrorists are another man´s freedom fighters.Then you should also consider what measures of fighting terrorism are acceptable - should we kill many people because they might be terrorists or should we have a trial of individual people in courts. If the latter then should the trial be held according to the alleged terrorist´s country´s laws or according to the laws of the country of his victims? There are many many questions that go unanswered. To sum up - it´s hard to come up with comprehensive and unambiguous definition of terrorism and it´s highly impossible to define measures that are to be taken to fight terrorism.


My stand is people should be ensured safety regardles of where they live and what they believe in. Too bad it´s an idealistic statement and it will never come true.

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