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Tarzan of Manisa
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10.       Trudy
7887 posts
 15 Jan 2009 Thu 10:28 pm


Quoting libralady

 Can you?  and you have been here longer than me!!!! 


 She can. She knows what ´aþkýmbebeðimhayatýmtatlýmþekerimsevgilimbalýmbirtanem´ means. lol lol

11.       libralady
5152 posts
 15 Jan 2009 Thu 10:32 pm


At last!!!! Something about Turkey that no one is arguing with! 


I really enjoyed this story, thanks Tami for posting.  A green environment is very close to my heart I would be interested to hear more about how Turkey is dealing with environmental issues or any links that I can read stuff for myself.


Quoting tamikidakika

Ahmet Bedevi, also known as Tarzan of Manisa, was born in 1900 in Baghdad to become a soldier, fighting in the War of Independence and honored with a medal. He returned to a ruined and destroyed Manisa in 1923. Bedevi started working at the Municipality as a fireman and a gardener. He became the pioneer and symbol of planting activities. Because of the soft climate of the area, he first wore a vest and trousers and then he started wandering about in the town in his shorts. The people of Manisa saw his resemblance to Tarzan because of his clothes, and always cherished him with love. Tarzan of Manisa lived in the mount Spilylus, ignoring all his individual needs but working for a greener environment. He died on 31st May, 1963. However, he has never been forgotten by the locals; on the contrary, he was immortalized for the things he did for Manisa and people followed his example.



http://i135.photobucket.com/albums/q123/Ayduran/tarzan2.jpg           http://www.turkiye-resimleri.com/data/media/49/manisa_tarzan.JPG



12.       tamikidakika
1346 posts
 15 Jan 2009 Thu 10:42 pm


Quoting libralady

I have done a quick search for Ahmet Bedevi and everything is in Turkish that I can see.  Is there anything about him in English anywhere?


the only piece of information in English I could find about him was this imbd introduction. you can watch the movie narrating his life at this link  



but there is no subtitles. Its dvd is available at tulumba.com though and it has english subtitles.


actually there isn`t much info about manisa tarzani in Turkish either, but they say that more than 30 percent of the trees on the spil mount in Manisa was planted by him. Note that all the trees in Manisa were burnt down in the Turkish independence war as the Greeks had set a fire in the city before they fleed.

13.       yilgun-7
1326 posts
 16 Jan 2009 Fri 04:42 pm

Hayret ettim.Bu arkadaþlar Manisa Tarzaný´ný nereden biliyorlar.

Yes Ahmet Bedevi-Tarzan of Manisa-  lived happily in Manisa.He had a hut at the Spil Mountain.He was a friend of my grandfather.My grantfather told "I have never seen an intellectual and mature  person like him".He had read dailly newspapers and books.He was a very very very good person.My father wrote a lot of articles about him.We had his pictures.



14.       yilgun-7
1326 posts
 17 Jan 2009 Sat 07:51 pm

Yes, as informed by tamikidakika,

the forests and the trees on the spil mount in Manisa were planted by him.He had built a green world  in Manisa mountain and plain.He had worked for the governorship and municipality. He had always picked the red and white roses from the gardens and  introduced them to humble and distinguished people every day along his life."Roses are loves".His wife whom he loved too much was killed in the Middle East War during World War I.His wife´ name was "Nihal".He had lived all time with his the deceased and beloved wife.After his death, I believe, he is now with his wife in the heavem in their pure and everlasting love.




15.       yilgun-7
1326 posts
 17 Jan 2009 Sat 11:22 pm

I want to correct the last sentences=


His wife´s name was "MERAL".After  his deceased and beloved wife´s death, he had lived with her fancy all time.And, I believe, he is now with his wife in the heaven with  their pure and everlasting love.

16.       yilgun-2010
572 posts
 17 Jun 2010 Thu 12:30 am



sitesi Manisa´ya ulaşmak için oluşturuldu.

Manisa´yı sevenler , Manisa´ya ilgi duyanlar için..

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