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Turkish Poetry and Literature

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One of Irfan Orga´s books
1.       Roswitha
4132 posts
 10 Feb 2009 Tue 08:16 pm

Lutfen, who has read his book  "Portrait of a Turkish family"? I just ordered it.


2.       thehandsom
7402 posts
 11 Feb 2009 Wed 10:36 am


Quoting Roswitha

Lutfen, who has read his book  "Portrait of a Turkish family"? I just ordered it.



I had to stay somebody´s house for a weekend a few years ago and the host had kindly put this book into our bedroom. I started reading it but I could not complete (and also refused the offer of having the book as a present ). 

Thanks for reminding it to me Ros..

I will order it too

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