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EU states cannot require visas for Turkish nationals for business travel
1.       chiko
135 posts
 19 Feb 2009 Thu 06:00 pm

FINALLY !!! EU states cannot require visas for Turkish nationals for business travel


A high court in Europe ruled on Thursday that Turkish entrepreneurs do not need to have visas to enter the territory of a member state of the European Union for business purposes.


The Court of Justice of the European Communities decided that Turkish nationals who want to travel to Europe for business purposes do not require visas to enter a member state of the European Union.

The court said in its ruling: "Article 41(1) of the Additional Protocol, which was signed on Nov. 23, 1970 at Brussels and concluded, approved and confirmed on behalf of the Community by Council Regulation (EEC) No 2760/72 of Dec. 19, 1972, is to be interpreted as meaning that it precludes the introduction, as from the entry into force of that protocol, of a requirement that Turkish nationals such as the appellants in the main proceedings must have a visa to enter the territory of a member state in order to provide services there on behalf of an undertaking established in Turkey, since, on that date, such a visa was not required."

19 February 2009, Thursday





2.       Trudy
7887 posts
 19 Feb 2009 Thu 07:33 pm

Apparently there are hardly any Turkish people coming to the Netherlands for business purposes (of just a few days/weeks) because on the site of our immigration service there is no such choice. Possible choices available are: adoption or foster child - single parent with a child - asylum - au pair - visiting relatives - marriage or  relationship - highly skilled migrants - child with parent(s) - medical grounds - study - exchange - holiday - readmission - working on self-employed basis - working as an employee - scientific researcher.


Perhaps that´s the reason for visa? Most of these immigration reasons are absolutely for long(er) stay!



3.       si++
3785 posts
 19 Feb 2009 Thu 07:51 pm

This visa thing is real pain for me. I go abroad for business only. In last August I applied for Italian visa. They granted me a 6 month visa. I used it for 3 day business visit. I spend almost 3 day for getting it. Now it is about expire. And today I had a news that there will possibly be another Italy visit for me. I don´t think this decision will help me enter Italy. Now I have to go through that shit again for getting another visa.

4.       azade
1606 posts
 19 Feb 2009 Thu 09:55 pm

I´m sure the applicants will have to prove they´re going there for business somehow, and that will be hard in many cases.


This article states that the change is for business purposes and "serbest meslek sahibi olan kiþilere" - what is that?

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