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Anatolian Festival in Orange County, California
1.       TheresaJana
163 posts
 26 Feb 2009 Thu 11:34 pm

Here is something exciting for anyone who´s interested and living in the area: 


(I will be there!)




April 2-5, 2009 in Costa Mesa


The Buzz -- "Anatolian Cultures and Food Festival" to introduce Turkey and Turkish culture in a unique way, from past to present. Don´t this exciting opportunity to learn more about another culture.

In this festival, the format of activities is “Witness-Learn-Participate”.

Everyone is invited to WITNESS Anatolia as it comes alive in California. In a vivid and realistic way, visitors will be immersed in Anatolian cultural, ethnic and religious diversity, harmony and interaction, beginning 10,000 years ago.


Pacifica Institute
1019 Gayley Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90024
Phone: (31 208 7290
Fax: (31 824 0979
Web: www.pacificainstitute.org
E-mail: info@anatolianfestival.org

2.       sonunda
5004 posts
 26 Feb 2009 Thu 11:36 pm

I used to live in Costa Mesa!(ooh,did I say that out loud!)

Edited (2/26/2009) by sonunda

3.       TheresaJana
163 posts
 26 Feb 2009 Thu 11:55 pm

If you are unable to access the site or are unable to attend, here is what´s going on in verbal terms: 


Im very excited about it and I think that it´s going to be awesome!!!!! 


The Facts

    * The largest Anatolian and Turkish festival in the world, Anatolian Cultures and Food Festival will encompass a total of 15 acres, including a 7.5 acre activity area.
    * The festival will dazzle an anticipated thousands of visitors for four days (April 2-5, 2009).
    * The word “Anatolia” derived from Greek means ‘country of the east’. Anatolia or “Anadolu” as it is called in Turkish is a peninsula located in the southwest corner of Asia, what is known today as Turkey.
    * Due to its strategic position at the connection of Asia and Europe, Anatolia has been the center for many civilizations since prehistoric times.
    * Most of the oldest civilizations have been established in Anatolia. Sumerian, Hittite, Lydian, Persian, Seljuk, Ottoman, Roman(Byzantine), Greek, Celtic and many other civilizations made Anatolia their home. There are hundreds of language and dialects spoken in Anatolia. Turks settled in Anatolia in the 11th century.
    * The people and the history of Anatolia are inseparable. Turkish culture today is a mosaic reflecting the amalgamation of cultures and traditions that thrived in Anatolia Across the centuries.
    * The history of Anatolia is the history of Turkey.
    * One cannot be explored without exploring the other.
    * One cannot be understood without understanding the other.


Anatolian Cultural values that have contributed to world civilizations foreground this project. Visual effects, bilingual (Turkish and English) informational kiosks and knowledgeable staff will help visitors LEARN about Anatolian cultures. Anatolia has opened its gates to many different peoples without differentiating between them. In the spirit of Anatolian hospitality, the festival welcomes visitors of all nations, races and beliefs to PARTICIPATION in its cultural mosaic.

Visitors will be entertained while experiencing the board spectrum of Anatolian cultures. All the attractions- visual presentations, exhibits, animations, music and shows- are interactive.

The festival is a creative blend of ancient history and modern technology. Health, safety and information booths will meet the needs of all visitors. A fully equipped press center will be available. Information booths in various locations will provide festival brochures of scheduled activities.

Upon entering the main entrance, visitors will begin their walk through Anatolian history. The path leading into the festival grounds will pass under a series of 11 arches, each representing a civilization that resided in Anatolia. Informative signs and panels next to each arch will guide visitors along the “Path of Anatolia”. Upon crossing the final arch, visitors will step into contemporary Turkey.

At the end of their walk through the Anatolian history, once they reach the last door, contemporary Turkey, they would have already discovered the building blocks of the Turkish culture.

The festival is designed to please all age groups. There is a special area for children, hosting Turkey’s best, traditional children’s theatre and folk dances. Children will also have the opportunity to learn many unique, Turkish games. They will meet famous characters of Turkish culture and take pictures.

Visitors will delight in a feast of 99 different Turkish foods. Shoppers will not only find authentic Turkish products, like traditional handcrafts, but also the leading brands of the world. For the first time outside of Istanbul, visitors will enjoy the experience of shopping at vendors modeled after the famous “Grand Bazaar”.

In the past, on special days, fruit juices streamed from Anatolian fountains. The festival will revive this tradition and juices, lemonade, and ayran (a traditional yogurt drink) will flow from the taps of the Fountain of Sultan Ahmet III.

Attending the festival is like stepping off a plane in Turkey. Five different cities with their landmarks, food and culture are replicated. Visitors will enjoy beautiful historical and natural artwork, and photography exhibitions. During the festival, artisans will be at work using many different media-such as ceramics, filigree, weaving, jewelry making, vein art, water marbling, calligraphy, and more- offering visitors a chance to participate in these activities.

Istanbul is one of the most important historical places in the world, straddling Europe and Asia. Its unique atmosphere is displayed in a photography exhibit to the right of the city’s entrance and in images of famous architectural structures from different eras and cultures. To the left the entrance, artisans will demonstrate and teach the traditional handcrafts gilding, paper marbling, and calligraphy. As if in the middle of the real Bosporus, the landmark Maiden’s Tower is recreated here in front of images of both the Anatolia and Rumelia fortresses. Inside, visitors may watch informational video clips and documentaries.

The entrance to the city of Konya is through the historical Gate of Karatay Madrasa. A photography exhibit is located on the right. On the left, visitors will be able to observe handcraft art as well as to learn to cook typical Konya dishes. The highlight of the city is a remake of Rumi’s Museum, dedicated to the 13th century poet. Next to the Museum stands a mosque with separate sections for men and women pray. A domed stage in front of the mosque will feature hourly performances of whirling dervishes.

Antalya, the most popular city among tourists, has world famous beaches along the crystal clear Mediterranean. Visitors will step onto the beach, filled with real sand form the Antalyan coast. Like the other cities, a photography exhibition sits on the right of the entrance, and demonstrations of handcrafts and cooking take place on the left. The historic Aspendos Theater serves as a backdrop and visitors have the opportunity to watch shows from its cavea section. The background also includes the Temple of Apollo, the King’s Road of Termessos, and the ancient city Demre, home of Saint Nicholas (aka Santa Claus).

The historical Girls’ High School Gate welcomes visitors to Mardin, a city that received an architectural award. On the right lies the photography exhibition of the city; stone carving, filigree work, and local cooking happen on the left. A traditional Mardin house of clay brick is the center of this city, offering traditional foods to visitors. The backdrop is a panoramic view of the beautiful architecture.

Enter the city of Van through the walls of the historical Hosaf Castle. To the right is the photography exhibition and to the left are handcraft and culinary demonstrations and lessons. In the middle, Van folk dances will be performed. The highlight of the city of Van is the historical Armenian Aghtamar Church, the only surviving medieval Armenian Church with most of the wall paintings still intact. It is also known as the first Armenian Church to educate reverends. Inside, there will be pictures and slideshows of the original icons. The background is the view of Mount Ararat as seen from Lake Van.

Grand Bazaar
The festival boasts a large shopping area composed of 90 booths modeled after the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. The booths are made of three different art; mother of pearl, ceramic, and wood carving. Hundreds of different Turkish handcrafts, foods, and products will be for sale. In the Turkish coffee house visitors may sample traditional Turkish beverages.

Visitors will enjoy their food at the umbrella tables in front of the Bazaar. The fountain located in this area is built to model the historical “Fountain of Ahmet III”. Various beverages will flow from the taps of this self-service fountain. More detailed information can be found at the kiosks.

The Fountain of Ahmet III.
Visitors will enjoy their food at the umbrella tables in front of the Bazaar. The fountain located in this area is built to model the historical “Fountain of Ahmet III”. Various beverages will flow from the taps of this self-service fountain. More detailed information can be found at the kiosks.

Concert Ground
During the evenings, the main stage will host shows that complement the daytime activities. With a seating capacity of 1500, this multipurpose stage is specially designed for the whirling dervishes, live music concerts, folk dance shows, movies, symposia, and Janissary band concerts.

Children´s Ground

Children´s Ground In the interest of all visitors, a separate area is prepared for children. There are two different stages for musical and dance shows, theater and Turkish fairy tales. There are also playgrounds, souvenir shops, activity areas, picture taking panels and rooms for nursing mothers.

Virtual Tour

You can now experience the Anatolian Cultures & Food Festival in 3D virtual tour. Enjoy!


Press Release
Pacifica Institute Announces its First Ever Anatolian Cultures and Food Festival
Los Angeles, CA, 02/10/2009: Pacifica Institute announces its first ever Anatolian Cultures and Food Festival. The Festival will celebrate the cultures, cuisines and history of Anatolia (modern day Turkey). The aim of the festival is to strengthen civil society and cross-cultural awareness.
Who: Pacifica Institute is the main sponsor of the Festival. Participating sponsors are CATA (California Turkish Americans) Chamber of Commerce, and the OIA (Organization of Istanbul Armenians).
When: April 2nd to 5th 2009 10am to 10pm
Where: Orange County Fairgrounds, Costa Mesa, California (88 Fair Drive, Costa Mesa, CA 92626)

    * Noteworthy Festival Features: The Festival will cover a 15 acre area and will feature the following:
    * The Path of Anatolia: A series of arches representing the 11 great civilizations that flourished in the land of Anatolia
    * Cities: Representations of the major cities of Anatolia
          o Van: The highlight of this city is a replica of Akhdamar Church, one of the important landmarks of the Armenian heritage;
          o Mardin: Mardin is known for its beautiful architecture, particularly the rock-carved houses on the hills surrounding the city; at the Festival we have constructed a panoramic view of these houses;
          o Konya: The highlight of this city is a remake of Rumi’s Museum, dedicated to the 13th century poet and Sufi mystic who lived and died in Konya;
          o Antalya: At the Festival we have rebuilt the historic Aspendos Theater and visitors will have the opportunity to watch shows from its cavea section;
          o Istanbul: As if in the middle of the Bosphorus Strait, the landmark Maiden’s Tower is constructed here in front of the images of both the Anatolia and Rumelia fortresses.
    * Grand Bazaar: A string of 90 booths will be erected in representation of the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, Turkey, where hundreds of different Turkish handcrafts, foods, and products will be for sale.
    * Fountain of Ahmet III: Visitors will be able to enjoy drinks from this self service fountain which is built as a replica of the historical Fountain of Ahmet III
    * Concert Ground: During the evenings, the main stage with a seating capacity of 1500 will host shows such as the whirling dervishes, live music concerts, folk dance shows, movies, and symposia.
    * Children’s Ground: There will be two stages – one for musical and dance shows and the other for theater and Turkish fairy tale performances. This area will also feature a playground, souvenir shops, picture taking panels and rooms for nursing mothers.

For additional information please contact Atilla Kahveci, Vice President, Pacifica Institute at atilla.kahveci@pacificainstitute.orgThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 818-445-3188
About Pacifica Institute: was founded in 2003 by the Turkish-American community of California as a non-profit organization with 501(c)(3) status. Our mission is to promote cross-cultural awareness. To this end, we organize festivals, conferences, panels, public forums and art performances as vehicles to bring people together from different communities and ethnic backgrounds.

4.       burnish
10 posts
 26 Feb 2009 Thu 11:57 pm

Sweet! Ill be there, thanks for sharing!

5.       shap
2 posts
 19 Mar 2010 Fri 07:46 am

Turkish festival in Orange County


OC Great Park

Thursday, May 6th to Sunday, May 9th, 2010

Hours: 10:0AM - 10:00PM



Anatolian Cultures and Food Festival


The festival will showcase the great civilizations that thrived in Anatolia, dating back to the Trojans, Romans and Ottomans. The "Paths of Anatolia" ushers visitors inside through a series of 14 arches dedicated to them, with costumed models bringing it all to life.

Topkapi Palace will be displayed in the city of Istanbul, one of the five cities also featured. They include the seaside city of Antalya with its ancient ruins; Mardin and its historic stone dwellings; Van, home of the oldest Armenian church and Konya, where the Sufi poet Rumi lived in the 13th Century.


  An exciting program of live music, dance and performances each day and evening at the main concert stage. Returning are last year’s showstoppers, the Whirling Dervishes, the Ottoman Marching Band and other regional dancers.

  120 vendors offering authentic foods, crafts and other wares at an area styled after the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul.

  Dozens of craftsmen demonstrating traditional crafts such as weaving, miniature painting, calligraphy and carving.

  A children’s area with a variety of games and activities, including traditional puppet theater and storytelling, as well as face-painting, interactive craft tables and bouncy castles.


Last year, almost 30,000 visitors came to our festival and enjoyed a breathtaking mix of food, music and history from a magical land







6.       alinemauracher
1 posts
 04 Jun 2014 Wed 06:38 am

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7.       ikicihan
1127 posts
 05 Jun 2014 Thu 12:25 am

bunlar hep paralellerin işi! ya da paralelciler mi demeliydim!



if i were there i would like to visit but its very hard to get a usa visa.

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