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Nasrettin Hoca - Hocca nasrettin
1.       uYkuSuz
614 posts
 30 Apr 2006 Sun 01:01 pm

Nasrettin Hoca (1208-1285)

He is a folk hero of the Seljuk period who was born in Sivrihisar and lived in Aksehir. He received religious education first from his father who was an imam and later at a theological school. He also worked as an imam for a period of time.

Hoca's view of the world and his opinions on the essential or even metaphysical questions of life are frank, natural and often disarmingly candid. Straightforward common sense is one of the secrets of his oriental wisdom and solace.
As a philosophic humorist he became the symbol of people's creativity and sense of humor of his time. His witticisms have become popular sayings and are quoted in everyday conversations. These can be regarded as anonymous folk jokes.

- Some jokes -
Who are you going to believe?

One day a friend wants to borrow Hoca's donkey. Hoca does not want to lend it and tells him that his donkey is not there. In the meantime the donkey starts to bray. The man says: But Hoca, I can hear the donkey! It's in the stable. Hoca stays cool and answers with dignity:
"-Who are you going to believe, me or the donkey?"

In the shop

Hoca goes to the market to buy some trousers. After trying on a few pairs he chooses some trousers and tells the salesman to wrap them. Right after they are wrapped he changes his mind and wants the salesman to give him a shirt instead. He takes the packaged shirt and walks off. The salesman calls him:
"- Sir, you haven't paid for the shirt yet. To which Hoca replies,
"- But I left you the trousers.
"- You didn't pay for the trousers either! exclaims the salesman.
"- Of course not! Why should I pay for trousers that I didn't get. concludes Hoca.
None of your business

A man gossips to Hoca
"- Hoca, I saw them taking a big plate of stuffed turkey.
"- It's none of my business, replies Hoca.
"- But I think they were taking it to your house.
"- Then, it's none of your business! says Hoca.
original text :

2.       uYkuSuz
614 posts
 30 Apr 2006 Sun 01:05 pm

Balance of the world
Someone asked:
“Hodja Effendi, why do people go to different directions, when they leave their houses in the morning?”
The Hodja answered without hesitation:
“If all of them would go to the same direction, this would throw off the balance of the world!”

3.       uYkuSuz
614 posts
 30 Apr 2006 Sun 01:08 pm

Busy - Body
One day, people said to the Hodja:
“Your wife walks from house to house, tell her she mustn't walk so much,”. “Alright”, said the Hodja. “If she comes to our house, I'll tell her.”

4.       sophie
2712 posts
 30 Apr 2006 Sun 01:15 pm

Quoting uYkuSuz:

Busy - Body
One day, people said to the Hodja:
“Your wife walks from house to house, tell her she mustn't walk so much,”. “Alright”, said the Hodja. “If she comes to our house, I'll tell her.”


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