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What do you do as a hobby during off days??
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1.       freshman
704 posts
 08 Sep 2005 Thu 02:00 pm

I am curious about my classmates,what are their prefers?

2.       Bursali
400 posts
 09 Sep 2005 Fri 02:35 am

Iwould like to go fishing in my off days or play soccer with my friends.

3.       Bursali
400 posts
 09 Sep 2005 Fri 02:35 am

Iwould like to go fishing in my off days or play soccer with my friends.

4.       Lyndie
968 posts
 09 Sep 2005 Fri 03:13 am

I like to work in my garden, or read a book or go swimming or the gym. I also like to write.

5.       bliss
900 posts
 09 Sep 2005 Fri 04:40 am

In my spare time I like to read,especially classics. Also like to write poems.I like knitting, needlework, go for walk, swimming.Like to go to bookstore and read there, it is good opportunity to find great books.One of my many favourite things to do is camping.I like explore.And now I like to be on TC and Net.I love to listen to different kind of music, which I do with almost everything else.

6.       Daydreamer
3743 posts
 09 Sep 2005 Fri 04:18 pm

I don't have a lot of free time unfortunately but when I do I learn Turkish, chat with my friends online, read books, listen to music and go for long walks on my own

7.       freshman
704 posts
 09 Sep 2005 Fri 04:23 pm

thanx everybody for your replies...

8.       Aisha
3 posts
 09 Sep 2005 Fri 05:05 pm

i'm new in this class
my name's asia and im from Poland. I live in Warsaw.
I love music and dance . I like learn languages especially english, spanish and now i want start learn turkish
i like watch good movies and meet my friends. ooo and i love travel and Turkey too if you want know me better or you want teach me turkish - write to me

9.       freshman
704 posts
 09 Sep 2005 Fri 05:24 pm

my hobbies are firstly reading ..scientific books,adventure books generally..I like listening music..classical,rap,folk songs I can say that I listen every kind of music..I like playing and watching basketball,football..nowadays I play bet on sports but no habbit only for fun..I prefer cold weathers to walk around..also I prefer Tom Hanks and Bruce Willis films generally..life is very short and there are lots of things will be done by ourselves...

10.       Lyndie
968 posts
 09 Sep 2005 Fri 08:18 pm

I think I forgot to mention learning Turkish lol, which actually is my big hobby right now, and I also like to listen to music - all different kinds.

Interesting reading everyone else's hobbies. We all seem to have so much in common.

(21 Messages in 3 pages - View all)
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