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1.       freshman
704 posts
 08 Sep 2005 Thu 02:03 pm

Also I want to know what would/did you buy as a souvenir from Turkey?

2.       MoonLight
9 posts
 08 Sep 2005 Thu 02:11 pm


3.       Lyndie
968 posts
 08 Sep 2005 Thu 08:47 pm

Nazars - Ilove them.

I have a silver one on a chain for my neck. Someone gave me a gold one which I wear on a chain on my wrist. I bought some bigger ones to hang around the house and in my car and lots of bracelets and keyrings for gifts

I also bought a pot to make turkish coffee (and coffee) and honey with nuts in.

A red house Turk/English dictionary.

A cusion cover

Elma chay

4.       Seticio
550 posts
 08 Sep 2005 Thu 11:02 pm

I always buy at least one nazar boncugu, turkish black and apple tea, aricots, and lots of postcards, newspapers, books and other things written in Turkish. Once I bought a bag made of wool, and one T-shirt. I've noticed that I also buy something with turkish flag
I take a lot of photos so I don't need guides etc.

5.       Lyndie
968 posts
 09 Sep 2005 Fri 01:35 am

Cigarette lighters with pictures of the turkish flag, nazar and Attaturk and also this year 2 silk and cashmere pashminas in cream and mint green. In the summer I bought an apricot coloured one. they are totally beautiful and so cheap compared to England.

6.       slavica
814 posts
 10 Sep 2005 Sat 01:31 am

Books, CDs, silver ring and alot of HELVA, especially "fıstıklı"!
But I prefer souvenirs which you couldn't buy with money...

7.       freshman
704 posts
 10 Sep 2005 Sat 04:19 pm

can you give an example it?money buys everything in the world,it is my idea..

8.       freshman
704 posts
 10 Sep 2005 Sat 04:21 pm

I can add this; except health and dies..

9.       Daydreamer
3743 posts
 10 Sep 2005 Sat 04:51 pm

I bought books, magazines, an ashtray from Cappadocia, a DVD with Constantine, fishing hooks for my dad (it was fun to buy them on Galata bridge ) and some sweets. I also have a nazar but I din't buy it. It was given to me by a very nice merchant somewhere in Bergana.

10.       freshman
704 posts
 10 Sep 2005 Sat 04:57 pm

I was grown up Galata Brigge area..if you see there I am sure that you loved there!

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