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Travelling to Turkey

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Useful links for travelers
1.       erdinc
2151 posts
 07 May 2006 Sun 11:07 pm

I'll make a list of useful web pages. Others might add links as well but please include a short description.

1. Here is the main page of the official web site of the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism:


When scrolling down there is a "where are you traveling from" section where you can choose your country for specific visa informations and such. In general it is good website.

2. Best online Turkia map. It works really good.
(Thanks to Bod, our veteran member, for this link)

3. German website about Hotel Ratings given holiday makers:
I couldn't find any turstful English source.

4. Again a German website. There are pictures taken by holiday makers for almost every place tourists can stay.

2.       slavica
814 posts
 08 May 2006 Mon 06:06 pm

Ministry of Culture and Tourism Travel Guide


Contents: Visas, Turkey embassies abroad, Tourism Offices Abroad, Regions, Destinatios, City Guide

Turkey Welcomes You
Another Ministry of Culture and Tourism website


Contents: Regions, Special interests, Brochures, Tour Operators Museums, Facts for Visitors,Visa formalities, Press Releases, Tourism Establishments, Hotel Guide, Maps, Useful links

Turkey For You


Contents: Popular spots, Travel Tips, Turkey City Guides, Historical Sites, Natural Attractions, Geographical Regions, Activities in Turkey, Culture and History, Turkish people and answers to many questions about Turkey.

Learn more About Turkey


Commercial and non-commercial sites about Turkey that categorized by field of activity, Touristic and historical information and photos about Turkey regional informations, thermal resorts, historical places, summer and winter holiday facilities, important addresses and telephones, tourism guide and more, Information About Turkish Cuisine., All about to the Anatolian Carpets.

Burak Sansal's All About Turkey


Burak Sansal, an experienced professional tour guide, on this site introduces Turkey's history, tourist sites, regions, culture and Islam, also gives touristic informatins and photos.

Tom Brosnahan's Turkey Travel guide


Tom Brosnahan is the author of best-selling guides to Turkey. His online Turkey travel guide contents many useful information for travelers (Turkey maps, travel details, tours and routes, special interests) and give answers to many questios: where to go, when to go, where to stay, what it costs…

My Merhaba


Many, useful informations for foreigners in Turkey: history, population, geography, language, religion, political system, currency, work hours and holidays, accomodation, for the official status, documents to carry with, embasies and consulates, working in Turkey, studying in Turkey, Turkish legal system, finacial system, communications, translation services, speaking Turkish, taxation, custom regulations, pets, health (pharmacies, doctors, hospitals, ambulances, precautions), survival basic (catering services, city transport, driving, daily shopping, paying the bills, earthquake preparations, personal security precautions…), alla Turca (tradition and habbits, holy places, famous personalities, Turkish cuisine, Turkish bath…)

3.       gunebakan
5 posts
 25 Aug 2006 Fri 01:28 am

e-Turkey.net Turkey Guide with photographs.
Provides content on historical places, cities, natural treasures of Turkey.
Actually I am the founder of this site and trying to enrich it. It is open to your contribution.
Also we should add www.turkishclass.com/pictureGalleries.php

4.       xXxPaigexXx
199 posts
 25 Aug 2006 Fri 02:41 am

very useful links thanks!!

5.       summi
48 posts
 31 Aug 2007 Fri 11:23 pm


6.       Trudy
7887 posts
 01 Sep 2007 Sat 09:33 am


A site in French and English with information about cities, history, culture, geography, economy and population


Site with information about almost any city in Turkey. Travellers themselves give tips about hotels, ‘of the beaten track’ –routes, dangers & warnings, what to do and what to see etc.


Site in Dutch of the Turkish Tourist Information office in the Netherlands. Many (English / Turkish) links are given in between the information, so browse & click.


Handy map when searching and you don’t know where it is.

7.       BSBT
1 posts
 16 Dec 2009 Wed 02:34 am

Veni Vidi Travel – www.VeniVidiTravel.com
Custom Holidays, Vacations, Sightseeing Tours & Travel Packages in Turkey Greece Egypt.
´´Veni Vidi Travel´´ offers exclusive regular or private guided cultural trips & tours to visit Turkey, Greece & Egypt, which are well optimised for independent travelers. Greece tours, Greek island tours, Turkey tours, Egypt tours, Nile cruises, Istanbul tours, Athens tours, Cairo tours, tours in Turkey, trips to Turkey, honeymoon tours & customized travel packages. Istanbul - Turkey,  Athens - Greece, Cairo - Egypt are great destinations for a wonderful holiday!

8.       elenagabriela
2040 posts
 03 Feb 2010 Wed 12:24 am

turkish phasebook



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