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Fred Wesley was here
1.       vineyards
1954 posts
 25 Apr 2010 Sun 03:52 am

On 23rd of April, Fred Wesley and the New JB´s gave a concert at GHETTO night club in Istiklal.

Wesley is a legendery funk/jazz trumbonist who played with the likes of Ray Charles and James Brown.


There were some foreigners and Turks watching the event on a smallish night club stage. I observed that the American audience knew how to dance to the Funky Jazz tunes. They were swinging low with their legs stretched.  This was way too freaky for someone who has a problem doing even the slowest dance.


Other Turks were trying to keep up but to no avail. The rhythm was different from what they are used to. So, they just swayed their bodies to the music.


I know many Turks like exotic forms of music but they are dealing mostly with the technicalities of it like how the bassist plays, how the trombone is played or how well the drummer plays his thing. There is simply no intention to dance. I sometimes wish I could dance. Fred Wesley must have noticed this and he urged people to move their bodies. I am sure he gets this in the States much more effortlessly.


All the band members were impressive musicians. Even the warm up guy that was on stage to sing a couple of songs was quite good. Very powerful and equally smooth music...


At the end of the days I was making calculations about the number of the audience and ticket prices and I was puzzled at finding out for what little sums these people come over to Turkey from thousands of kilometers away. Maybe, they are paid a standard sum. We must really support these little concerts.

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2.       catwoman
8933 posts
 25 Apr 2010 Sun 11:06 am

That sounds like a great event. Are there any videos from the event, or videos of the songs they played?

3.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 25 Apr 2010 Sun 10:37 pm

Wow! I wish I could be there, really. To see such a legendary musician, with some wicked skills, and a small venue. Jealoussss

4.       vineyards
1954 posts
 25 Apr 2010 Sun 11:42 pm

Fred and the crew actually stood at the gate shaking hands with the audience at the end of the concert. I also shook their hands and thanked for the music. I took a picture of the band with my mobile. When I transfer it to my PC, I will post it.

5.       alameda
3499 posts
 30 Apr 2010 Fri 12:29 pm


Quoting catwoman

That sounds like a great event. Are there any videos from the event, or videos of the songs they played?


not that one, but try this

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