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1.       yilgun-2010
572 posts
 03 May 2010 Mon 08:02 pm

The  25 Most Influential Thinkers in the World according to
TIME Magazine (201:


1-Zaha Hadid - Designer- Her designs evoke passion
2- Elizabeth Warren - Financial Senior Advisor- She minds the
government´s purse strings
3-Douglas Schwartzentruber and Larry  Kwak - Medical Researcers-

On  the trail of disease vaccine
4-Micheal Pollan - Food Industry researcer- He puts the good
 in good food
5-Atul Gawenda - Senior Advisor for medicine- A U.S.doctor who
makes people all healhier
6-Victor Pinchuk - Producer of the Broadway plays)- Philantropist
and patron of arts
7-Jaron Lanier - Computer scientist- Rethink Internet Culture
8-Lee Kuan Yew - Political strategist- Singapore´s master strategist
9-Deborah Gist - Education reformist - Shaking up Rhode

Island´s schools
10-Tim White - Human researcher- Discoverer our ancient
11-Steve Jobs - The mind behind Apple´s machines
12-Kathlean Merrigan - Food senior advisor- Clear talk on
 America´s agriculture
13-Lisa Jackson - Environmental senior advisor- A bolder
environmental chief
14- Elon Musk - Rocket scientist, Renaissance man
15-Edna Foa - Bringing peace to suffering troops
16-Jaime Lerner -Environmental city planner- Champion of
green cities
17-Paul Voicker - Financial analyst- A towering voice for
financial reform
18-Amy Smith - Inventor for a planet in need
19- Matt Berg - Better health-one cell phone at a time
20-Amartya Sen - Human engineer- The philosopher of human
21-Micheal Sherraden- Financial senior advisor- Financial
counselor to the poor
22-Sanjit ´Bunker´ Roy - Humanitarianism, entrepreneurship
and education advisor- He puts dignity in the cirriculum
23-Tim Westergren- The internet´s music man
24-David Boles and Theodore Olson- Public-school system
advisor- Legal odd couple-and dream  team
25-Sonia Sotomayor- America´s judical trailblazer


Anyone else?Who else is there?

2.       Elisabeth
5732 posts
 03 May 2010 Mon 08:34 pm

I propose we make one thread for all lists (movies, books, musicians, thinkers, doers, inventors, political figures, famous dudus, types of fruit, pet names, popular lollipop flavors...etc...)!!!! 

3.       yilgun-2010
572 posts
 03 May 2010 Mon 11:04 pm

I agree with Elisabeth...

That is a good and properly proposal...
I also propose we should make one thread for all topics..

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Edited (5/4/2010) by yilgun-2010

4.       MarioninTurkey
6124 posts
 04 May 2010 Tue 03:27 pm

Sad that apart from Elizabeth Warren and Steve Jobs, I hadn´t heard of any of them before ... and I doubt that too many of the rest of them are making millions from helping us all

5.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 04 May 2010 Tue 08:02 pm

Sen was part of my basic literature during my business classes. Sen Sen Sen...how many times did I type that name as a reference in my papers!

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