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Turkish Poetry and Literature

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So frustrating
1.       Roken
6 posts
 08 May 2010 Sat 01:19 am

I was talking to my girlfriend (Turkish lady, and technically my Nişanlı in MSN - we do see each other daily - but also in MSN a lot, and I was trying to be romantic. Now, she is still learning English, and my Turkish is still elementary school.


The gist of what I was saying was, to me, poetic, and consisted of she is more important that the stars, the sea, than money and wealth etc. but the meaning seems to have been completely lost on her. She fixated on the "money and wealth" bit and assumed that I was saying I would give these up etc. etc.


So can anyone give me a relatively short Turkish language poem that can express these senitments in a way she´ll understand the symbology rather than the literal transalation?


Thanks in advance.



2.       Elisabeth
5727 posts
 10 May 2010 Mon 04:55 pm

We have lots of nice poems that are already translated in the poetry section.  You can read thru and pick out your favorite. 


Go to the section, Discover Turkey and you will find the last catagory is called Turkish Poetry...click on that. Good luck finding what you are looking for.

Edited (5/10/2010) by Elisabeth

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