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Greek man wins €160,000 for Turkish yoghurt ´slur´
1.       si++
3785 posts
 17 Jul 2010 Sat 09:20 am

turkish yoghurt Minas Karatzoglou´s face on tub of yoghurt in Stockholm, Sweden. Photograph: Per Gustavsson/Scanpix/AP

A tub of yoghurt and a shadow theatre puppet have raised the bar in the spectrum of passions that have long fuelled differences between Greece and Turkey. Just when the two Nato rivals appeared reconciled, a new spat has erupted over a man whose features have delighted children on both sides of the Aegean.


The row might have gone unnoticed had it not been preceded by a Greek pensioner suing to stop a Swedish dairy from using his image to promote its yoghurts. In principle, Minas Karatsoglu, 74, says he wasn´t against his face adorning the cartons – although he was shocked to get a call from a friend informing him it had happened. It was more, he said, that the yoghurt was branded "Turkish" and by inference the self-styled patriot from Delphi was "baptised" Turkish, too.


Quoted from: here

2.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 17 Jul 2010 Sat 08:35 pm

hm...his moustache scares me....

3.       janissaridis
148 posts
 17 Jul 2010 Sat 10:24 pm


Quoting barba_mama

hm...his moustache scares me....


 dont worry, I casn protect you, u will be in safe


that man is surely pontos (greeks moved from blacksea to Greece or all over the world)  like me if u see his surname...

4.       oeince
582 posts
 18 Jul 2010 Sun 08:52 pm

Dont worry guys, when they use a Turkish guys picture for Greek Tzatziki we will take our revenge


5.       si++
3785 posts
 19 Jul 2010 Mon 09:08 am


Quoting oeince

Dont worry guys, when they use a Turkish guys picture for Greek Tzatziki we will take our revenge



We already have "cacık". It´s just that Greeks have learnt it from Turks.

6.       oeince
582 posts
 19 Jul 2010 Mon 08:15 pm

Yeah thats true,

Just the solid Cacık.

I had to use a Greek food name to express my idea, but seem they dont have any

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