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this is sooooooooooooo OFF topic, but i need help... :p
1.       justinetime
1018 posts
 27 Jul 2010 Tue 07:15 am

is there anyone here who has a friend or who knows how to speak French? hahahaha!!! i know i´m in the wrong website, but i´m hoping you guys can help me out. It´s been a long time since i´ve been here.  

2.       elenagabriela
2040 posts
 27 Jul 2010 Tue 08:18 am

my daughter has an independent french speaker certificates from Ministery of Education - France; if you want she could help; you can write here, in english your needings from translation, I will give her an message and she will translate - but she is sleeping now{#emotions_dlg.bigsmile}- school holiday, but after 11 am I can contact her

my best regards

3.       stumpy
638 posts
 11 Aug 2010 Wed 03:50 am

hello justintime,  I speak French, if you need help

you can PM me

4.       lemon
1374 posts
 12 Aug 2010 Thu 10:38 am

Does anyone know of huge stone monuments (they are sort of range of limestone figures) in Kurdistan? Anyone heard of? I was browing images in order to find the pics, unfortunately nothing came up.

5.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 12 Aug 2010 Thu 11:17 am

Do you mean the heads of Mount Nemrut? If not, you need to give a bit more clues

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6.       lemon
1374 posts
 12 Aug 2010 Thu 02:40 pm

They are like the monolith of easter island moai monuments, maybe even bigger.

By description it sounds like this



7.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 12 Aug 2010 Thu 09:24 pm

From that description I would say the monument (on that page, the idol house) is actually just a single structure. The "belt" from sandstone and such is a natural thing.


But in any case, I have a friend who knows a lot about Kurdish culture, also outside of Turkey and perhaps he knows about this. When he comes out of his cave, I will ask him I will ask him about Qara Dagh, if there are any monuments in that area, and if he knows about Butkhana. Perhaps there is a different name for it.

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