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Funhouse mirrors
1.       vineyards
1954 posts
 30 Jul 2010 Fri 04:33 am

You may think you are dainty young lady, or a serious looking businessman when you are in the funhouse the mirrors reflect a different image of you. Your head will look like a balloon, legs will be crocked and the nose like a cucumber.

This is so much the case with people having those holy causes. They see what they want to see in people regardless of who they are. If you don´t fit in his sacred scheme, you are expendable.

The 70´s and early 80´s were the heydays of these bigots. They would tell you one must kill for his cause when a need arises. They would label you, blame you and even excommunicate you, when they realize you are a no go. They were the prophets of crocked ideologies garnered from make-believe paradises. They had the priority in conversation, had a natural right to interrupt and patronize you. I have always detested these people and tried my best to distance myself from them.

I must confess, they were having a good time together like children in the fun house, pointing and laughing at the distorted images of the world around them. They had faith in a bright future, a fools paradise that would come in the form of a revolution.

Then came a day when it seemed the paradise was beginning to be lost but they did not realize this in the beginning. Some of these guys developed a taste for certain luxuries like expensive foreign cigarettes and whisky. When I inquired a few them about the reason of this indulgence in the products of the evil West, they would answer me with this historic statement:

Communism is meant for making people wealthy and affluent. I don´t have to live like a poor worker. Poor workers must get rich like me.

Well, these people want to take all the goodies for themselves without worrying about how to correct things for others. If Europe is good, they go to Europe but still rave about Turkey, if whisky is good, they drink as if there is no tomorrow. They want to enjoy all the worldly pleasures. Yet they also want a chair in the labourers´ cause. They are the ardent readers of poems of pride, glory and valor but when it comes to fulfilling their own military service they become conscientious objectors.

I don´t know if they will ever wake up to the reality...





Edited (7/30/2010) by vineyards
Edited (7/30/2010) by vineyards

2.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 30 Jul 2010 Fri 10:39 am

That´s mean! I thought this was a light post about funhouse mirrors, and it is about politics AGAIN! ARGH! By the way, people should read Karl Marx and other original communist pamflets before judging communism, and not solely base their opinion of that system on the "bigots" who came into power in communist/socialist regimes. The basic idea of communism is nice, actually. Everybody being equal. Nobody being rich, but nobody being poor either. The problem of communism is the basic assumption that after the "rich bad guys" don´t have power anymore, that the "old poor" will always remember who they were, and will never  be power hungry, or corrupt. Whoopsy Any good idea always ends up as a failure when it involves people

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