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Şalgam suyu (Purple carrot juice)
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 01 Oct 2010 Fri 09:09 am

Şalgam Suyu İlaç Gibi

Şalgam suyu vücut için doğal ilaç görevi görüyor.





It´s suggested that it´s more healty compared to the acidic beverages because its main ingradient purple carrot is a source of vitamin-A.
It´s been proved that purple carrot is good for eyes as well as stomach and liver. Its juice helps digestion of what you eat and contains various vitamin B´s.
The juice helps you lose weight and cope with stress.
The juice can be consumed anytime (winter or summer) and is a natural medicine to prevent flu in the winter.
Purple carrot has a lot of sugar in it but it goes away during the fermentation of the juice. So diabetics can drink it as well.


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