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The arms or the politics?
1.       thehandsom
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 19 Oct 2010 Tue 12:49 pm

Yesterday was an important day for Turkey for both Kurds and Turks..

It was the first day of trial of KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union)the alleged urban extension of PKK.


Since April 2009, security forces have arrested more than 1,500 people, including pro-Kurdish politicians, claiming that they are members of the KCK. The government claims the KCK suppresses the freedoms and rights of Kurds by using methods that range from intimidation to violence. However, pro-Kurdish circles argue that there are political motives behind the KCK’s activities and that they are intended to pressure pro-Kurdish politicians...

..Those people were put in jail without a trial for almost 1.5 years..They were the political leaders of the kurds. They were arrested like petty criminals and pictured like this.. 


These people did not have any weapons. They did not   throw granades on people..They are not fighters. They are not assasins. They are definitely not horse stealers..

Those people were arrested because they did not go to the mountains. Those people are ex-mps, ex-mayors, they are politicians!!

In Kurdish cities people were chanting the slogan ´we want a peace with honour´. is that picture our answer to that slogan?

This is a pure political case (despite the indictment consists of 7 thousand 578 pages). And it started with the defendants answering the poll in Kurdish "Ez Amade Me; Ez Li Virim;Beli.." they mean ´ready;I am here; yes´.

We will see how it develops..





Associated press

Reuters africa 


It is quite simple in the end:

"The arms or the politics"

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