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Court evidence reveals KCK terror network is worse than PKK
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1.       oeince
582 posts
 20 Oct 2010 Wed 01:23 am

Dozens of former members of the now-defunct DTP, including several mayors in the Southeast, were detained in a police operation in December. It has emerged that the Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) -- known alternatively as the terrorist Kurdistan Workers’ Party’s (PKK) urban arm, civilian branch or secret civilian establishment -- is an organization more deadly than the PKK itself.

The KCK has long been subject to debates over precisely what type of group it is, and now, after a three-year investigation, a 7,500-page indictment on the group and 151 individuals provides a more detailed portrait of the gang.

The indictment contains information including telephone records of KCK members, legally obtained recordings and remarkable documents confiscated from suspects. Previously, some without sufficient knowledge about the organization had decried operations to take into custody members of the pro-Kurdish BDP, including mayors.

The evidence in the indictment, however, paints a different picture. Some observers had seen a contradiction between the government-launched Kurdish initiative and the simultaneous detention of BDP members. But when the truth about the KCK emerged, it became clear that it was not the innocent civilian extension of the PKK as has been claimed.

Full text available at http://www.todayszaman.com/tz-web/news-213628-101-court-evidence-reveals-kck-terror-network-is-worse-than-pkk.html

2.       si++
3785 posts
 20 Oct 2010 Wed 08:17 am

It´s always better to look at it from different angles. Earlier somebody else tried to present them like angels.

3.       thehandsom
7403 posts
 20 Oct 2010 Wed 11:38 am


Quoting si++

It´s always better to look at it from different angles. Earlier somebody else tried to present them like angels.


What angle is that?

Did you read the article?

What is this most horrific crime  which makes them more deadly than PKK? {#emotions_dlg.laugh_at}

Where is the crime? did they kill anybody? did they carry weapons?

Those people are mostly politicians!!


4.       oeince
582 posts
 20 Oct 2010 Wed 02:17 pm

Can a persons bloody crimes can be covered in order he is a politician?

Who is more bloody? The abettor or the hitman?

If Hitler is less bloody than an SS officer or Bushs are less bloody than American soldiers then these politicians are less bloody then terrorists.

5.       thehandsom
7403 posts
 20 Oct 2010 Wed 02:46 pm

He he

Anybody cared to say what´s the crime they committed? 

I mean "the crime" which makes them deadlier than terrorists?!!!

"The crime" is missing in that trial!!

So we established that they did not kill anybody!!..

They were not carrying guns!!!!

(You can take Bush into a human rights court in Holland  and accuse him  being in a powerful position and initiating a war which caused hundreds of thousand of dead.  

But can you take these people into the same court? what will you answer when you learn most of those people ´already spent huge amount of time in jails previously´? what will you say when you were reminded all the Kurdish parties closed and their politicians were put in jail?) 

But they are still "worse" than the terrorists!! lol 

Will it be better if they were up in the mountains  with the weapons?

Now now..We have to make a decision here:

a- we want peace (It means you HAVE TO talk to someone and open the path for politics  instead of terrorism.) 

b- we want war (well it is an idea but we have been on war for 30 years and we could NOT beat PKK. Turks and Kurds dont want this war anymore, I think)


Anyway, we have to be consistent:

The Prime minister/(or WE) is asking for education in mother´s tongue  for Turks in Germany. The Kurds in Turkey? NO.. the question: why are you saying no to your own citizens? Then we say "but Turks are minority there and Kurds are not.. Kurds are the main citizens of Turkey"..Then when they want to defend themselves in the court in Kurdish -as the main citizens- say to them. 

This "laughable/ridicules double standards"   is a kind you can not see anywhere in the world!! We are making people laugh at us (not with their mouths)  

It is getting more embarrassing each day for every Turk living on earth..




Edited (10/20/2010) by thehandsom

6.       si++
3785 posts
 20 Oct 2010 Wed 05:17 pm


Quoting thehandsom



What angle is that?

Did you read the article?

What is this most horrific crime  which makes them more deadly than PKK? {#emotions_dlg.laugh_at}

Where is the crime? did they kill anybody? did they carry weapons?

I don´t think Apo himself killed anybody or carried any weapons. He was busy with his harem of female PKK members after giving his orders, right?

Those people are mostly politicians!!





7.       oeince
582 posts
 20 Oct 2010 Wed 11:08 pm

I think, a group of people who are subject to 7000 pages of criminal charge can hardly be crimeless people.

8.       thehandsom
7403 posts
 20 Oct 2010 Wed 11:43 pm


Quoting si++





With the same mind set and logic, you could send anybody to gallows really!!

I think a few weeks ago Desmond Tatu said a few things about our Kurdish problem like ´release Ocalan etc´.

Can you imagine where he could be right now if had been Turkish citizen? Could he have been in that shameful picture in which Kurds were handcuffed?

or what about Chomsky?  what could you do to him if he had been Turkish citizen?


What is the crime those people committed?

What do you think Kurdish youngsters will think?

I was reading an article in radikal (http://www.radikal.com.tr/Default.aspx?aType=RadikalYazar&Date=19.10.2010&ArticleID=1024329)

One of the jailed politician is Abdullah Demirbas (ex mayor of  A town-Sur). His young son went to the mountains and joined PKK..

He said :“Sen siyasetle ugrasiyorsun da ne oluyor. Demokrasiyle bu islerin düzelecegini söylüyorsun. Bu yasadiklarimizin demokrasiyle ne ilgisi var. Ben kararimi verdim. Daga çikiyorum.” = "what is the point of politics? You keep saying  everything will be fine with democracy. What are ´what we are living´  got to do with democracy. I made my mind up. I am going to the mountains".

There are some Kurds there and they think ´there is no point of living with the Turks´

All of these party closures/ jailing Kurdish politicians /attacking northern Iraq etc are making one thing: Strengthening that idea!!!


9.       oeince
582 posts
 20 Oct 2010 Wed 11:45 pm

Turkish goverment encourage Turks living in Germany to adapt the society not to fight against the common destiny of their host country and Turks don´t found gunned terrorist organisations to split the country they go. Nevertheless.

I don´t think there is nothing loughable for Germans, whose chancellor claimed that multiculturist society has utterly failed in Germany.

In my opinion that lough issue is just a writing style, which i don´t approve. However that style is normal for the ones whose blief of peace just means dictation of ideas.

10.       thehandsom
7403 posts
 21 Oct 2010 Thu 12:35 am

Anybody is willing to say what is the crimes of these people?

The original article does not mention any ´tangable´ crimes..

No crime but just an eye catching headline.. Yeah.. Yeah..  lol

Everybody KNOWS that it is a political case..And this case helped PKK to strengthen its position and its cause..




(18 Messages in 2 pages - View all)
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