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Ukrainian sensationally beats world´s smartest chess programme
1.       si++
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 28 Apr 2011 Thu 04:08 pm

KIEV, April 27 (Xinhua) -- Ukrainian Andrew Slyusarchuk sensationally won the match against the smartest and the strongest chess computer program in the world "Rybka-4", the local media reported Thursday.

He spent 8 months to understand the principles of the program. Slyusarchuk had read about three thousand books about chess.

Skeptics have not believed that Andrew Slyusarchuk will be able to cope with the program. Nobody could do it before.

The first batch Slyusarchuk played blindfold with the white chess. He has not seen a chessboard, but just have memorize moves. For the second leg he used black chess. In general, the player has spent about 2 hours for a duel with the computer.

Seven years ago Russian grandmaster Garry Kasparov had a fight with the computer. The man lost the game. After his defeat chess players have not gambled with the machines.

Andrew Slyusarchuk does not apply for the title of grandmaster. He just wanted to show the audience that the potential of the human´s brain is not fully used.

Slyusarchuk is an amateur in chess playing -- he is a neurosurgeon. 39-year-old MD specializes in the brain studying as well as improving memory technologies development. He knows by heart 20,000 books and 30 million digits of the pi number.


Source: here

2.       si++
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 28 Apr 2011 Thu 04:35 pm

Hmm, there is a wikipedia page about him:



Slyusarchuk claims to have set a number of records in memorizing large volumes of digital data, sequences of geometrical figures, as well as words and other information. In particular, he claims to have memorized 1 million digits of pi figure. 

By 2008 he claimed to remember 2,000,000 decimal places of pi, as well as around 7,000 volumes of text. By 2009 the number of volumes remembered increased to 15.000.

By June 2009 he claimed to have set a new record by memorizing the first 30 million places of pi, which were printed in 20 volumes of text. Although he did not recite all 30 million digits that he claimed to have memorized, he was able to recite randomly selected sequences from within the first 30 million places of pi.

Since reciting 30 million digits of π at one digit a second would take almost a year (347 days) if you did it non-stop 24 hours a day, seven days a week, a following approach had been applied to verify the record: during demonstrations Mr. Slyusarchuk is being randomly asked to tell the digits of pi printed on certain pages and locations of the 20 volume printout, which is grouped into orderly arranged tables. He successfully went through this kind of test multiple times. Demonstrations had been witnessed by respectable scientists, PhD holders and heads of sub-departments in Universities. Book of Records of Ukraine (http://www.book.adamant.ua/akt/2slysar4uk/1.htm) lists the members of commission witnessing his demonstration. They are country-wide recognized scientists on the top positions in National Universities and Institutes.

By October 2010 Mr. Slyusarchuk claimed to remember 200 million decimal places of pi.

Mr. Slyusarchuk is known for his hypnotic skills as well. In particular, he claims to be able to hypnotize people so as to not feel pain, e.g. when exposed to burns.

Another TV show presented him hypnotizing students of L´viv University of Modern Technologies (http://www.ldi.lviv.ua/). Those under hypnotic influence could eat onions believing those were apples.

He also demonstrated hypnotizing a salesman in a shop to take a 1 Hryvna (Ukrainian currency) bill from him, believing this to be 500 Hryvna.[23]

Novy Channel (Новий Канал—one of the major TV channels in Ukraine) has hosted a few TV events in which Andrity Slyusarchuk demonstrated many of his extraordinary abilities. The Video recording of the events is available at http://video.novy.tv/video/3/24/9842.html .

No officially documented attempt to debunk his claims has been successful as of yet.

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