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1.       duskahvesi
858 posts
 22 Sep 2005 Thu 01:02 am

how could ppl be free?
anf what does free mean?
if u have any idea, could u write smth...

2.       Lyndie
968 posts
 22 Sep 2005 Thu 02:32 am

well now duskhavesi, as every you have posed an intersting question.
'Free' - there are lots of interpretations. but for me personally, freedom would mean living somewhere where you can park your car without having to drive for hours to find a space and then not have to pay for it

More seriously...

It would be somewhere that women are really equal to men.

It would be a place where it didn't matter what colour, religion, sexuality or nationality you were everyone could live happily together and no one would be treated differently because they were different to others.

It would be where everyone had the opportunity to earn enough money to live and look after their families.

Where everybody had access to the law so that people didn't suffer injustices because they were too poor to pay for justice.

It would be somewhere where everybody could get proper health care and not have to suffer because they couldn't pay for treatment.

Where everybody has equal access to education.

Where you were not forced to follow a particular political doctrine.

Where the media was truly honest, so people really knew what was going on in the world

Where people could move from one country to another without sanction or prohibition.

OK I know this is beginning to sound like a 'manifesto' for the European Union, sorry about that - it wasn't meant to...

Where no one had to be afraid of the police, military, government or neighbouring countries.

....and you could smoke in all the major shopping malls...

3.       bliss
900 posts
 22 Sep 2005 Thu 05:29 am

For me to be free means to be able to act as one wants; not to be in prison, which could be your own home.I am not going to talk about global freedom, Lyndie put it very well, and I don't think I can say better than that.
In many aspects of life I consider if one could make his own decisions regarding his own life, and not to be under control.
If I could be free of bills, taxes, payments I will be happiest person.

4.       Seticio
550 posts
 22 Sep 2005 Thu 10:08 am

Lyndie and Bliss, what you wrote is so true!

5.       Daydreamer
3743 posts
 22 Sep 2005 Thu 10:21 am

Margareth Atwood wrote "There are two kinds of freedom: freedom of something and freedom from something."
You may live in a society ensuring you freedom of speech, of beliefs but you'll never be free from the threats of life. Totalitarian systems lowered the number of crimes but offered no freedom of thought.
For me the idea of global freedom is similar to what Lyndie put here. However, even in a free society or a free world one may be not free. Sometimes you discover that the life you wanted a few years ago has become your cage, that it doesn't let you draw a breath and then you yearn for freedom. Duskahvesi, your question came at a perfect time as I'm at the point of my life where I'm fighting to regain freedom. Still, I don't know if it is possible to be totally free. Quoting again, as an Indian philosopher once said "A man is born free but later he is always in chains." There are always social patterns and legal rules we obey.

6.       Attila
144 posts
 22 Sep 2005 Thu 03:47 pm

According to the specialists and researches,the more freedom the society gains,the less secure it becomes.
So absolute freedom will be a real disaster and leads to "individual anarchy",which will led the society into an unwanted chaos.
So freedom should be something that you live and do whatever you want(unless it harms the others) by knowing your own boundaries...

7.       Attila
144 posts
 22 Sep 2005 Thu 03:47 pm

According to the specialists and researches,the more freedom the society gains,the less secure it becomes.
So absolute freedom will be a real disaster and leads to "individual anarchy",which will led the society into an unwanted chaos.
So freedom should be something that you live and do whatever you want(unless it harms the others) by knowing your own boundaries...

8.       kelley
131 posts
 23 Sep 2005 Fri 01:49 am


A Prayer for World Peace

I pray for a world where war does not exist in

the vocabulary;& Guns were
never thought of let alone made..........
Where people are free to worship as they

But there is no power bloc known as religion!
That there is no racisism in any manner and

we all live in unity as equals with un

conditional love and respect for all man kind...
So there can be no wars fought because of

peoples culture or color or any issue to lead
to hatred and sadness and destruction.
Surely an abomination to God in any culture.
I pray for an eradication
Of the social and economic imbalances of our

Which often lead to war -
Forcing entire nations to bow down to

insidious propaganda machines
Caring little for their people,
but opportunistic in their thirst
For blood, wealth and power
Using sacred faith as and end
To justify unthinkable horror
And I pray for the people
who are hungry and suffering,
so often fall prey to the monsters,
Believing that their ideals
will blanket their shoulders
and fill their bellies Ending their misery
Once and for all I pray that every child
would know love and be shielded from hate
And that no people should never have to

choose between love and survival
As their motivation for living.
This is because I believe that
pure, unconditional love -
or God, self and others -
is the only true means of survival.
Given that most people prefer Peace
And have always done so,
That one small step by an individual
Can light a pathway for millions,
That love and kindness are quite usual
Despite bad news predominating.
That charities spring up constantly
Created by caring individuals
That acts of courage are numerous
Unnoticed heroism all around us
Any action you take will make a difference.
Love yourself and all other's as equals because
we all are equal and human and that is reality.
I know in my heart and soul most of the classy

turkish members here want to live in World

Peace that is true freedom in my eyes and I

beleive someday this will be a World Wide Way

of life hopefully soon as time is precious and

we all deserve to feel free to be ourselves and proud of who we are

not worry of such horrific actions of others

who are so lost , a negative and sad mind set

of heart-less acts such as terrorism.
Bombs,weapons,Chemical war fare &all evil

that comes from such un-necessesary
inventions that lead to violence and heart
break across the world.

World Peace is freedom for all human life and A
quality life so close to being Heaven on Earth!

Bless all of you and Take Care! Have Faith in
freedom and try to share your Wise and Loving

thoughts to find your freedom within and to

others in your own way.

The point is,
Peace is worth standing up for, peacefully.
Peace is dignity, love, braveness, empathy,

understanding, and patience...
I have not always lived in peace,
but I have always tried,
and I always will.
When people talk of war for peace,
I truly feel that they don't know what peace is.
Peace is a choice that we make. Thank You all for sharing your feelings on this subject of freedom we all deserve to be free and safe in this world and I have faith we will be fullfilled of our human right to be free and at peace in every possible way!


Tsarevna Stacia

9.       elenagabriela
2040 posts
 25 Mar 2013 Mon 10:28 am

you can be free from more things but you cant escape from yourself, from your thoughts, from your conscience...

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