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1.       yilgun-2010
572 posts
 16 Aug 2011 Tue 10:46 pm

The world population is increasing too fastly.

According to many scientists:

In these days, the biggest problem facing the world is the excessive population growth and accordingly; insufficient education, unemployment, discomfort, poverty and the increase in crime rates.The main reason of all negative events, sins, crimes, terrorist activities and the increase in criminal records in the world is the abnormal rise of these uneducated people.  According to the latest datas, the population of the world exceeds 6,5 billions.Only 4-5% of this population is educated according to statistics.

For that reason, the world countries need to take the high and disproportionate population growth under control. 

According to many scientists : Failing this, the nature and the environment will be affected negatively; plus, poverty;  agricultural, forest and vegetal destruction;  famine ;  economic problems ; unemployment ; discomfort ; ignorance ; anarchy ; terror ; lawlessness ; immorality and wars will increase dramatically. 

This issue is underlined in all scientific and religious books and they all preach to all mankind to use their minds first.

Edited (8/17/2011) by yilgun-2010
Edited (8/17/2011) by yilgun-2010

2.       lemon
1374 posts
 17 Aug 2011 Wed 12:51 pm

Yilgun, dear brother,

What a complete nonsense you pasted here! Why you let yourself believe the lies produced by human haters?

The globe will never ever be over-populated. This never happent and will never happen. The planet is soooooooo big that it can take easily another 6 billion beings on itself.

Those who love the planet more than the life of human beings I invite to commit suicide first in order to cleanse the planet from the CO2 they produce daily. The global warmers would welcome your act with generocity.

Uneducated population? As if education makes you a better person? No one has a right to say that a less educated person has a less value in this world. If you disagree with this, then lets start liquidating your relatives who are not educated enough unless all are with PhD duplomas on their walls.

Whoever thinks that that we humans are way too many is more than welcome to contribute to "the better and safer" future of our huge globe now.

I believe that God created this planet and everything on this planet for LIFE not for death. And He alone controls everything. Dont think that you are the 100% lord of your life or of this planet. You didnt give yourself a life and you never know the hour of your departure from here neither you couldnt stop any natural disaster that visit too often lately.


3.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 18 Aug 2011 Thu 11:15 pm

Cram 20 people in a room that´s 2 by 2 meter with one toilet and one sandwich, and you´ll understand the concept of human overcrowding. It is possible.

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