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what i can do ?
1.       nifrtity
1806 posts
 04 Oct 2011 Tue 02:26 am


I didnt know how I can write a sentence in turkish, What I can do to write in a best way and


2.       Mavili
236 posts
 04 Oct 2011 Tue 03:51 am


Quoting nifrtity


I didnt know how I can write a sentence in turkish, What I can do to write in a best way and



Well if you want to write sentences on your own, you need to study and learn the sentence structure as it is is different than with English. Also you need to know the correct suffixes that can go with each word in a sentence and other features like vowel harmony and consonant mutation.

I think the structure is "subject-time/place-object-verb" but will have to get confirmation on that.

example; My cat wanted to eat. = "kedi +m yemek iste+di."

Just a simple example from another learner. I am sure there are lots of past topics about making sentences and you can easily do a search on any of the things Ive mentioned. Good luck Nifrtity, we´re all learning together!Smile

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3.       Abla
3647 posts
 04 Oct 2011 Tue 02:03 pm

What Mavili said about learning the basic sentence structure is certainly true but I would like to add another way to look at it. It´s more about study tech than Turkish language  -  no, it´s more about life and how to live it.

If we want to learn something new we have to leave the area we are comfortable with. There is a time for everything. It´s nice to notice you can understand small sentences, catch the idea of vowel harmony or add most of the case endings correctly to their places. I guess one can stay on this level for years. But the one who wants to get further has to aim at more always. The road teaches the one who is walking on it. Always see what is difficult for you, what you are not comfortable with and then go for it.

In short, you need to make sentences in order to learn to make sentences.

It doesn´t have to be so dignified always. A good way to practice is to take a chance and think in Turkish sometimes. Simple sentences about what you are doing now: "I wanted to take the elevator down but it was broken. Watermelon was cheap today but I didn´t buy it because my basket was heavy..." and so on.


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4.       nifrtity
1806 posts
 04 Oct 2011 Tue 05:38 pm

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