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explanation for reported question please?
1.       azahar
3 posts
 26 Dec 2011 Mon 01:53 pm



Could someone give an explanation about reported question in Turkish? How can I say for example ´I don´t know if you got my message´. I did found information on reported speech, but not on reported question. Tesekkürler

2.       qdemir
809 posts
 26 Dec 2011 Mon 02:35 pm


´Mesajımı aldın mı?´   (Did you get my message?)


Step 1. Add the suffix ‘-ip (-ıp, -üp, -up)’ to the verb base: alıp


Step 2. Put the same verb base into the negative past or future participle form (appropriate to the verb tense in direct speech) together with other necessary endings (subject/object pronouns and possessive endings): almadığımı


The above direct question will be in indirect as below:


Mesajını alıp almadığımı sordu. (He asked if I had got his message.)

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3.       Henry
2604 posts
 26 Dec 2011 Mon 02:47 pm

I´m not sure if you mean a sentence where the question is quoted, but I am learning and maybe this will help

There are some examples of reported speech and questions here.

In these examples the formula seems to be

1 the Subject (the person that asked the question)

2 (the person that was asked + ´to´ suffix, eg bana, Ayşe´ye),

3 the question in quotation marks eg "Nasılsın?"

4 and then - diye sordu (he/she asked), diye sordum (I asked) 

Bora asked me "Did you get my message?"

Bora bana "mesajımı aldın mı?" diye sordu

4.       Henry
2604 posts
 26 Dec 2011 Mon 02:51 pm

ahhh qdemir   I am too slow, but we have similar thoughts!!!!

I am glad you have given an expert´s answer. Smile

5.       azahar
3 posts
 26 Dec 2011 Mon 03:48 pm

Ikinize teşekkür ederim

It´s very weird to me that in Turkish reported speech practically doesn´t exist, I mean time concordances like in English. (Sorry I don´t alwasy know the appropiate words in English.)

Now I see that my question was wrong, it´s not reported question what I asked but the answer is helpful, now I know how to make reported question sentences


I was referring to those if-sentences where it´s not about a condition, like: I don´t know if... / They didn´t told me if.... etc.


But I was thinking... If I want to say ´I don´t know if you did get my message´ the sentence´ Mesajımı aldığını mı bilmiyorum´ is at least close to the correct form?


6.       Abla
3647 posts
 26 Dec 2011 Mon 04:29 pm

Welcome to the Forum, azahar. There is an old thread named Indirect Questions. You will find the exact answer to your last question there.


Edited (12/26/2011) by Abla

7.       azahar
3 posts
 26 Dec 2011 Mon 04:46 pm

Onu buldum, çok teşekkür ederim

8.       MarioninTurkey
6124 posts
 29 Dec 2011 Thu 04:16 pm


Quoting qdemir


Mesajını alıp almadığımı sordu. (He asked if I had got his message.)



And "I don´t know if you got my message" would be


Mesajımı alıp almadığını bilmiyorum.

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