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1.       sufler
358 posts
 19 Jan 2012 Thu 01:41 pm


I have such a sentence: Birbirimize yardım edicez.

I understand it´s about helping each other, as "edicez" comes from "etmek", but I completely can´t match the form with any tense I know. So please, could you tell me what a tense edicez is and what the whole phrase exactly means?

2.       Faruk
1607 posts
 19 Jan 2012 Thu 02:18 pm

edicez is actually edeceğiz which is the future tense of the verb etmek said by third plural pronoun. Like any country people in Turkey have different dialects and some of them (maybe many of them as of today) write words as how they speak. So edicez is a fast way of saying edeceğiz with a dialect.

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3.       sufler
358 posts
 19 Jan 2012 Thu 02:26 pm

So, this is like colloquial speech?

4.       Faruk
1607 posts
 19 Jan 2012 Thu 02:41 pm

Yes, it is. However, when people write they should obey the rules but they just write it...

5.       Henry
2604 posts
 19 Jan 2012 Thu 02:46 pm


Quoting sufler

So, this is like colloquial speech?


yes, on the streets you hear lots of abbreviated words.

yapıyorum = yapıyom

buyurun = buyrun

ne haber = naber

ne yapıyorsun = napıyorsun

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6.       srhat
36 posts
 24 Jan 2012 Tue 09:24 pm

In Turkish, future tense suffix -ecek- isn´t pronunced as it is written. This is rule of diction. Let me explain the pronunciation of this suffix with examples: (":" makes the previous vowel pronunced longer.)

  • Eve gideceğim (eve gidice:m)
  • Kitap okuyacağım (kitap okuyca:m)
  • Kitap okuyacağını söyledi (kitap okuyca:nı söyledi.)
  • Televizyon izleyecek. (televizyon izliycek) (e of ecek is not pronunced and e of izle is pronunced as i)
  • Eve gelecek (eve gelicek)

Actually these rules are not very important, but people who have to speak properly (news presenters for example) learn these rules.

Edited (1/25/2012) by srhat

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