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Turkish Language Schools - huge Price differences - why?
1.       bflat
2 posts
 31 Jan 2012 Tue 06:58 pm

Hello together,


I plan to attend a intensive turkish course for 4 Weeks. I wanted to use this for travelling on the off-beaten-tracks in Turkey and probably to chat with some turkish People back home in Germany.You think its realistic to obtain this knowledge?


But I have a Question. There seems to be a huge load of Schools around and I find it really hard to decide. Mainly there are Price differences, which are really huge. From 200€ for 4 Weeks; 80hrs to 670€. The most expensive is the "turkish language center" in Izmir.

Can anyone recommend Kadicat as this seems to be, for me, the most interesting of those Schools?


thanks for the help!

2.       acute
202 posts
 01 Feb 2012 Wed 05:27 am

find a better place to learn than this place , or are you a spammer for the site ???? there is not enough  information or positive history about this site. or  once again are you a spammer for the site ????


I looked at this site and I am very leary of a site that does not seem to have much back up or creditations. It gives no information as to whether the teachers are qualified to what is actually taught. The material used is questionable. I have seen adds for where they look for just about anyone  to teach as a native speaker no credentials needed. ( not this school in particular but others fly by night schools ) I have also read horror stories about some language learning schools.

they quote a guarantee with that gives you no idea of how much turkish you will actually learn. Also what about someone who learns slower than others will they be given a guarantee 35% refund.

I could not find a EF level A2 or B1 anywhere other than their site. I did find CEFR levels A2 and B1 in english and this is the lower this is what you need to know in order to past the lowest level of A@

Adjectives – comparative, – use of
than and definite article
Adjectives – superlative – use of definite article
Adverbial phrases of time, place and frequency – including word order
Adverbs of frequency
Articles – with countable and
uncountable nouns
Countables and Uncountables:
Future Time (will and going to)
Going to
Modals – can/could
Modals – have to
Modals – should

Past continuous
Past simple
Phrasal verbs – common
Possessives – use of ‘s, s’
Prepositional phrases (place, time and movement)
Prepositions of time: on/in/at
Present continuous
Present continuous for future
Present perfect
Verb + ing/infinitive: like/
want-would like
Wh-questions in past
Zero and 1st conditional

An ability to deal with simple, straightforward information and begin to express oneself in familiar contexts.
Example: CAN take part in a routine conversation on simple predictable topics.
All practice tests at this level

this is on top of speaking listening and understanding and reading


quote from website:

With four hours a day five days a week intrensive courses you will be able to speak in Turkish in a month, it is not a promise it is a fact, you will get 35% refund if you can´t reach EF level A2 or B1 in a month, all you have to do follow the courses and study by yourself for an hour a day. It is possible to speak and communicate adequately Turkish in a mouth with our methodology.




or are you a spammer for the site ????




Edited (2/1/2012) by acute

3.       scalpel
1472 posts
 01 Feb 2012 Wed 02:44 pm

we are proud of our spam buster

4.       bflat
2 posts
 01 Feb 2012 Wed 09:42 pm

woho. slow, slow.

First thanks for your fast and extensive reply.

I am quite suprised that I wrote something which led you to the conclusion I´d be a Spambot. Guess its not the first Time and I also was hoping to not get any suggestion by any language center promoting themself.


So, lets start again from the very beginning.

The point why I took out Kedicat is, that I was suprised by the 4 Week/80hrs Offer which should lead to an exam, which refers, as so far I understand the page leads to a A2 Level. I dont really understand your concerns. You mean this is sort of a constructed level?


One Point is, that I am quite unsure what to expect from an intensive course, especially concerning understanding and speaking or if it would do another course. The more recommended, like Tömer "just" offer 40hrs/Month Courses.


All I was looking for, was getting maybe some directions of general recomendations. Also concerning not the big Ones, like Tömer, Dilmer but also other schools like kedicat, turkuaz. And, as said, a rating from your position to the expectations concerning a limited intensive course.


If you come to the conclusion, that this might be a inapropriate Question, so be it and excuse me for the circumstances.


best regards out of the israeli desert

5.       acute
202 posts
 01 Feb 2012 Wed 11:21 pm


If you try to squeeze the time frame too much, you’ll forget most of what you learn. People who expect to become fluent in a language by cramming 80 hours of classroom time into a few weeks are usually disappointed. This would be considered a shotgun technique in learning and perhaps if you were to plan to live there fora further 6 months  you might benefit from this. If a course is not recognised with credentials usually it will only be as good as the free material and learning sites you can already find on the internet.

If I am paying money for a course I would expect a certain level of professionalism.


All of our teachers are graduates of Turkish Linguistics and the Turkish Language and Literature department. Our teachers have also all achieved their Master’s Degree in Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language. Our experienced teaching staff are well-versed in teaching Turkish as a foreign language, due to many years of experience.

Are you starting this course with no knowledge of Turkish ?

is one question I would ask if not will the students in your class time be the same level or will you have to sit through the basics  of Hello my name is.....  how are you etc....

I would say you would have a better chance of learning what kedi could teach you on this site and many others set up for free. You can learn grammer, phrases and listen on youtube  to lessons for pronounciation. If you spent 80 hours doing this you would be ahead of the game and it would cost you nothing. Only the same 80 hours. I will add that classroom instruction can be good. It really depends on the instructor, the materials and your classmates. It is generally true that a class will progress as fast as the slowest student can handle.

here is another rating from a different school this is a turkish school

Beginners T1 Students have no previous knowledge of the language. Students at this level have just begun to study Turkish. Their ability to communicate is limited to the most basic structures and vocabulary in simple situations.
T2 Students at this level can communicate at basic level and can deal with situations necessary to survive in a Turkish-speaking environment e.g. travel, accommodation, shopping, socializing. Students understand simple sentences spoken slowly and clearly. Their comprehension of Turkish is limited but a foundation has been laid for further learning.
Pre-Intermediate T3 Students at this level are still in early stages of learning Turkish, but are able to communicate adequately in simple everyday situations. Their range of vocabulary and ability to manipulate grammatical structure is developing, as is their ability to comprehend oral and written Turkish.
Early Intermediate T4 Although their vocabulary and grammar are limited in range, students at this level are able to communicate their ideas in most basic everyday situations. They are beginning to deal confidentially with authentic listening and reading material. Their ability to express more complex ideas is beginning to develop, although their language is not always accurate.
Late Intermediate T5 Students’ use of the language and grammar is consistent and usually appropriate but lapses in fluency and accuracy still occur in complex situations.
Upper-Intermediate T6 Students at this level are to express themselves quite fluently, although not always accurately, with a wide range of vocabulary and a command of all basic grammatical structures. They can use Turkish in a variety of contexts and are beginning to appreciate many of the complexities of the language.
Pre-Advanced T7 Students at this level are able to use a wide range of language and have a good command of the language. It is fluent, effective and well organized with only a few uncertainties in complex and difficult situations. They can easily comprehend natural spoken and written Turkish.
Advanced T8 Students at this level are developing an understanding of and an ability to produce subtleties and complexities of the language, although they may still require some work on accuracy. At the end of this course, students should be close to native speaker competence. They have an excellent command of the language and can tackle the most difficult tasks.

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