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Participle of should
1.       sufler
358 posts
 04 Feb 2012 Sat 10:15 pm


I have a problem regarding the use of a verb with "should" interfix -meli- as the participle. For example when I wanna say He said he loves me - O beni sevdiğini söyledi. - I use the participle (-dik) form of the verb and everything´s OK. But how to build such a contruction with should? The form with -meli- eg. yapmalısın (you should do) isn´t an usual tense form because of lacking any tense suffix (-iyor, -di), so I wonder if I am allowed to turn it into a participle... How do I say I think you should do it ? Will Bunu yapmalıdığını düşünüyorum be all right? My another guess is Bunu yapmalı olduğunu düşünüyorum because I noticed that the "should" forms behave like adjective + "to be" constructions (the same suffixes). Is any of my suspictions good, or I must use any other construction?

Edited (2/4/2012) by sufler
Edited (2/4/2012) by sufler [Thanks a lot to Abla for drawing my attention to my mistake with sevdiğini :)]
Edited (2/4/2012) by sufler

2.       Abla
3647 posts
 04 Feb 2012 Sat 10:35 pm

You forgot the accusative ending from your example, sufler:


         O beni sevdiğini söyledi.

         sev|diğ|i|n|i = verb stem + dik + poss sg 3rd + pronominal -n- + acc ending.


You can´t make -meli- form into a participle because it is not a verb but rather an adjective. To express necessity, add the verb gerekmek.


         Bunu yapman gerektiğini düşünüyorum.

         yap|ma|n = verb stem + infinitive marking + poss sg 2nd


gerektiğ|i|n|i is analysed the same way as sevdiğini above. It is also sg 3rd because gerekmek is a monopersonal verb.


This was My Try, wait for corrections.

Edited (2/4/2012) by Abla

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