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1.       si++
3785 posts
 05 Mar 2012 Mon 11:20 am

What are your hobbies?


For example do you do any of the following list (Having hobbies can provide you with the tools to better manage your depression, anxiety, anger or stress symptoms. source):


1.       Adopt a pet

2.       Make bread, smoke fish, brew beer/wine and engage in other food projects

3.       Take up scrapbooking

4.       Learn to Knit

5.       Get into model trains, R/C airplanes or cars

6.       Take up hunting, camping or fishing

7.       Get into martial arts

8.       Try kayaking or rock climbing

9.       Teach yourself guitar or piano

10.   Learn to woodwork

11.   Try learning to dance

12.   Do snowboarding

13.   Join a soccer, rugby, softball or volleyball team

14.   Take up golf

15.   Do horse riding

16.   Learn how to make art from pottery, painting, drawing or mosaics

17.   Collect something: coins, antiques, sports memorabilia or wines

18.   Get outside and do some photography

19.   Try gardening

20.   Coach a little league team

21.   Buy a telescope and learn astronomy

22.   Volunteer for a charity

23.   Start a blog to vent your frustrations

24.   Study world history, culture or a new language

25.   Take up amateur archeology

26.   Get into patchwork/quilting

27.   Do candle making or homemade soaps

28.   Try beading

29.   Learn how to forage for mushrooms, plants and other edibles

30.   Join a literature group

31.   Take up the art of bonsai trees

32.   Trace your family history

33.   Do Pilates, yoga or aromatherapy

34.   Go geocaching

35.   Try joining a public speaking or singing group

36.   Learn to DJ and mix music

37.   Join a card playing group like bridge, poker, cribbage or sheepshead

38.   Try paintballing

39.   Create and design your own clothes

40.   Swimming

41.   Jump in your car and drive somewhere you’ve never been

42.   Make homemade movies

43.   Buy an aquarium and stock it with rare fish

44.   Collect and polish rocks

45.   Become a foodie and join a group

46.   Try sailing, water skiing, or other water sports

47.   Write poems

48.   Join an investing group

49.   Get a metal detector and see what you can dig up

50.   Renovate or re-decorate a room in your house/apartment



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2.       lemon
1374 posts
 05 Mar 2012 Mon 03:46 pm

I aint got a hobby. 

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3.       Elisabeth
5732 posts
 06 Mar 2012 Tue 02:32 am

I have two kids...my hobby is sleeping!  lol


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4.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 06 Mar 2012 Tue 09:53 pm

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5.       Abla
3647 posts
 06 Mar 2012 Tue 10:35 pm

1., 24., 40., 47.


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6.       si++
3785 posts
 07 Mar 2012 Wed 09:22 am

22,24,37 from the list and also cracking hard nuts in chess and math.

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7.       donnawhite
1 posts
 07 Mar 2012 Wed 02:38 pm

I likes to playing with cards, listen music, gardening and

also likes to play shooting game and  action games free in my free time for online fun

Edited (3/7/2012) by donnawhite

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8.       Faily
22 posts
 19 Mar 2012 Mon 03:42 pm

I like your discussion. My hobbies are:


 --bills (mathematics/calling people/etc)

--working(nursing occupational clinical hours)

--taking care of family(bonding/helping maintain house/yards.etc...)

--Learning about Turkey/Turkish things/Turkish People/Turkish language..etc..

--Medical Spanish (for the patients convenience)


 I made my life, just living a hobby. For instance, breathing and sleeping are

hobbies too. I am always preoccupied with my hobbies {#emotions_dlg.nargile}


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