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Where would you like to be buried...
1.       Abla
3647 posts
 03 Apr 2012 Tue 11:53 pm

...if you had the chance to choose? How important is it to you? Have you written it in your will?

2.       lemon
1374 posts
 04 Apr 2012 Wed 01:43 pm

It doesnt matter. When I am dead it makes no difference to me where, how and by whom I am burried. Funerals and graves are for living not dead.

Many people´s bodies were burnt away, eaten by wild animals, drowned in water. 

We all live here short therefore have to care about our afterlives NOW instead of thinking about your funeral, because funeral is a little thing (twinkling of an eye) in comparison to the eternity awaiting ahead. Then you either be suffering for ever endlessly or enjoying the presence of Holy God forever.

3.       Abla
3647 posts
 04 Apr 2012 Wed 03:56 pm

I very much agree with you, lemon. They can bury me anywhere. You call it belief, I don´t know how to call it but for me the soil is the same everywhere. The sea would be fine for me, too. I don´t need a grave.


If I died far away I wouldn´t like to travel back home in the cargo hold. It wouldn´t be very ecological either. Actually it would be fine to be buried in a distant place. I mean a good end for the story.

4.       alameda
3499 posts
 04 Apr 2012 Wed 09:42 pm

I have already made plans and purchased a burial plot. I want a Muslim funeral, which is to be washed, wrapped and put in the earth, in one piece, no embalming and as close to the earth as possible. I don´t care about any markers. I most definitly want prayers for my soul to help along the way. Death is a mystery, but throughout time the body of the deceased has been treated with respect.

I´m not sure how things are where you are, but here I have seen people die and the problems of what to do with the body. A friend of mine, who I was closest to passed away a few months ago. The hospital called to inform me of his demise. The next sentence was, "what do you want to do with his body?". It was a big problem as he had not made any real practical what to do immediately arrangements.

It is something we all need to consider, as we are sure to present the problem sometime in future.

If you had any idea what can happen, you may think more carefully about your prospects.


Quoting Abla

...if you had the chance to choose? How important is it to you? Have you written it in your will?



5.       gokuyum
5050 posts
 05 Apr 2012 Thu 12:16 am

I want to be buried in my bed. I am too lazy

6.       lemon
1374 posts
 06 Apr 2012 Fri 12:00 pm

It is actually a good topic BTW.    Forgot to add in my previous post.

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