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need help?
1.       sevinc9
1 posts
 09 Aug 2012 Thu 02:33 am

I am an English and Turkish teacher. You can ask me everything about Turkish and English language and linguistics.

2.       ikicihan
1127 posts
 09 Aug 2012 Thu 03:13 am

warm up on language and translation topics, increse number of your posts. after that anyone in need may ask for help.

3.       benguile3
2 posts
 10 Aug 2012 Fri 03:44 am

Am looking for a good treatment (and relevant exercises?) with the (s)I(n) ending, especially as it relates to adjectives, such as "iki bardak dolusu çay", "üç vapur dolusu turistler", and when "birisi" and those pronominals are used.  Yardim etmesi gelsin!  (just a beginner at this language, that was supposed to mean, "may someone come help!"  pretty language.

4.       Abla
3647 posts
 10 Aug 2012 Fri 12:08 pm


Am looking for a good treatment (and relevant exercises?) with the (s)I(n) ending, especially as it relates to adjectives



I wish I could help you.


This is what Turkish: a Comprehensive Grammar (Göksel - Kerslake, 2005.) says about the secondary uses of POSS sg 3rd. What you are talking about is marked with (iii), meaning pronominal use of words representing different word classes.


"The suffix -(s)I has a number of functions in addition to those that it shares with the

other possessive suffixes:

(i) it marks the head of a noun compound: ğün pasta‘wedding cake’

(ii) it marks the head of a partitive construction: kitaplardan üç tanesi ‘three of

the books’

(iii) it forms pronominals from a variety of word classes: bura‘here’, içerisi

‘inside’, eskisi ‘the old one’, hiçbiri(si) ‘none of them’

(iv) it appears on (impersonal) verbal nouns which contain -mA: okumazor ‘[it]

is difficult to read’

(v) it occurs in some composite suffixes: anlamazmışçana ‘as if

uncomprehending’ "


Turkish pronouns are so often possessive marked adjectives. There is a long thread about it on this site with the headline "On Pronouns".


Edited (8/10/2012) by Abla

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