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What is your favorite Turkish food ?
1.       Carlenson
28 posts
 12 Sep 2012 Wed 06:18 pm


 Yes ! En sevdiğiniz Türk yemeği/yiyeceği hangisi ?


Kebap  mı? , Mantı ? , Baklava ? , Pilav mı ? , Gözleme mi ?


Which one is your favorite Turkish food ?



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2.       Abla
3647 posts
 12 Sep 2012 Wed 06:38 pm


En sevdiğiniz Türk yemeği/yiyeceği hangisi ?



A good chance to learn a usual type of Turkish relative clauses:


en sev|diğ|im yemek ´the food which I like the most´

en sev|diğ|in yemek ´the food which you like the most´

en sev|diğ|i yemek ´the food which she likes the most´

en sev|diğ|imiz yemek ´the food which we like the most´

en sev|diğ|iniz yemek ´the food which you (pl.) like the most´

en sev|dik|leri yemek ´the food which they like the most´


If the person was added it would take the genitive form: Ayşe´nin en sevdiği yemek.


This pattern is used when the relative pronoun of the English sentence is the object of the clause: which (O) I (subject) like (predicative).


Of course a better way to translate it would be ´my favourite...´.


Thank you for your attention.


(Yaprak sarmasını seviyorum.)

Edited (9/12/2012) by Abla
Edited (9/12/2012) by Abla

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3.       Carlenson
28 posts
 12 Sep 2012 Wed 07:06 pm

 However, if the person we are trying to give more information about is the subject of the clause they are in, then the suffixes are "en" and "an"


Beni seven adam = the man who loves me

Sevdiğim adam = the man I love


Beş senedir Türkçe öğrenmekte olduğu halde, hálá Türkçe konuşamayAN adam = The man who still can´t speak Turkish although he has been learning [it] for five years.

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4.       nemanjasrb
507 posts
 12 Sep 2012 Wed 07:14 pm

Baklava and Pilav! Baklava is very popular tart here.. So and pilav. Almost every tuesday I for lunch have pilav for lunch,it´s very delicious...

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5.       nifrtity
1806 posts
 12 Sep 2012 Wed 09:42 pm

6.       Sir_Robalot
73 posts
 13 Sep 2012 Thu 11:22 pm

İmam bayıldı, without hesitation. But I have to have some acı turşu and acı ketçap with it  

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