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Passive and active in Turkish
1.       nifrtity
1806 posts
 29 Sep 2012 Sat 02:13 am

2.       nifrtity
1806 posts
 29 Sep 2012 Sat 02:15 am


Quoting nifrtity


I want to know about passive and active in turkish or dolayli anlatim "emir kipi

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3.       tunci
7149 posts
 29 Sep 2012 Sat 09:14 pm



To make active verbs passive, there are sort of  rules as below ;


1. Verbs whose stems end in a consonant [other than -l ],  form the passive by adding "ıl /il/ul/ül ´.


vermek - to give

verilmek - to be given


sunmak  - to present

sunulmak -to be presented


açmak   - to open

ılmak  - to be opened


Çocuk  yurtdışına gönderilecek - The child will be sent to abroad.


O, dün buralarda görüldü - He was seen hereabouts yesterday.



2. Verbs whose stems end in " l " form, the passive by adding "in, ın, un, ün ".

bulmak  - to find

bulunmak - to be found


almak - to take

alınmak - to be taken


silmek - to erase

silinmek - to be erased


çalmak - to steal

çalınmak - to be stolen


Cep telefonum çalındı.

My mobile phone was stolen.


O sandalyeler satın alındı.

Those chairs were bought.


3. Verbs whose stems end in a vowel, form the passive by adding ´n´.


kapamak - to close

kapanmak - to be closed


söylemek - to say

söylenmek - to be said


başlamak - to begin

başlanmak - to be begun


temizlemek - to clean

temizlenmek - to be cleaned


Pencereler temizlendi.

The windows have been cleaned.


Bu gazete okunmalı.

This newspaper must be read.



* Also , the word ´taraf´ is used in a possessive construction + dan  to show the doer.

tarafından - by


[benim] tarafımdan -  by me

[senin ] tarafından -   by you

[onun]   tarafından    - by him/her

[bizim] tarafımızdan - by us

[sizin]  tarafınızdan - by you [plural]

[onların] tarafından - by them


Kitap, Ali tarafından yazıldı.

The book was written by Ali.


Gelecek ay, onlar tarafından yeni bir okul yaptırılacak.

A new school will be built next month by them.

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4.       tunci
7149 posts
 29 Sep 2012 Sat 09:32 pm


EMİR KİPİ [The Imperative]



Direct Imperative

Making a verb imperative for the second singular person (sen) is quiet easy: just use the basic verb stem without any change or suffix. So, just omit the infinitive suffix –mek/-mak from the verbs! This is the most direct form and it is mostly used for warnings and in daily conversations.

Gel!            (You) come!
Otur!           (You) sit down!
Kalk!           (You) stand up!

The negative form of the direct imperative is done by adding the negative particle suffix –me/ -ma to the stem of the verb.

Gelme!          Don’t come!
Oturma!        Don’t sit down!
Kalkma!         Don’t stand up!

Lütfen (please) is used to soften the imperative:
Lütfen oturma!  or Oturma, lütfen!

For the second person plural (siz), the suffix –in is attached to the stem of the verb. The suffix is subject to vowel harmony. This form is also addressed to one person in which case it is a softened and polite form. Then the above examples thus become:

Positive form                           Negative form
Gelin!      (You) come!             Gelmeyin!
Oturun!   (You) sit down!         Oturmayın!
Kalkın!     (You) stand up!         Kalkmayın!




Third person Imperative

Examples of such an imperative in English are
(You) Let him/her do the shopping
 Let them take the garbage.
Although the command regard someone else, the speaker stil directs the imperative at the second person as if the command were a request for permission.

For the third singular person (o), the suffix –sin/ -sın/ -sun/ -sün is attached directly to the stem of the verb according to the preceding vowel.

Gelsin!                  (He/She) Let him/her come!  
Otursun!              (He/She) Let him/her sit down!
Kalksın!                (He/She) Let him/her stand up!

For the third person plural (onlar), the suffixsinler or –sınlar attached directly to the stem of the verb according to the preceding vowel.

The negative particle comes between the stem of the verb and the personal pronoun suffix:

Gelmesin!           Let him/her not come!
Gelmesinler!      Let them not come!
Oturmasın!         Let him/her not sit down!
Oturmasınlar!     Let them not sit down!



Public Imperative

This form is characterized by the addition of the suffix –iniz/ -ınız/ -unuz/ -ünüz. It is the most polite form of giving commands. Although it is mainly used in Public notices, signs and in news and on TV, you can use it in direct conversation if you wish to be polite.  The negative form is done by adding the negative particle –me/-ma directly to the verb of the stem. Here are some examples:

Positive Form                       Negative Form
Bakınız! (Look!)                    Bakmayınız! (Don’t look!)
Geliniz! (Come!)                   Gelmeyiniz! (Don’t come!)
Oturunuz! (Sit down!)

Here are sore examples that you would see around:

Oturmayınız! (Don’t sit down)
Lütfen sigara içmeyiniz!(Please do not smoke cigarette!) 
Park etmeyiniz! (Don’t park!)



Edited (9/29/2012) by tunci

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5.       best pearl
2 posts
 04 Oct 2013 Fri 08:23 pm


Thaaaaaaaaankstunci  for your answer.

   And nifrtity for your qusetion.



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