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USTA movie
1.       haniagree
73 posts
 09 Oct 2012 Tue 03:47 am

i am learning turkish on my own, and it is not that easy. i am learning slowly using grammar books, but one day i realized that i cannot understand when i listen to turkish people talking because i am not used to their slang/pronounciation and so on. so i decided to close my books and just watch movies and TV shows in turkish so i can get used to listening to the language.


i found this movies - with full english subtitles in youtube, and i think it is a great help. of course, i must watch more and more movies to understand. i also like this kind of independent movies compared to famous ones...


this is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RlT29iZXqdE



it is a really, lovely beautiful story....its one of thebest movies i have ever watched.....hope you guys enjoy it to..

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2.       Abla
3647 posts
 09 Oct 2012 Tue 09:14 am

Thanks for sharing what you have found, haniagree.


I have seen it recently as a problem of speed. You may be able to understand and analyse words and sentences when you have all the time you need but in the middle of a conversation there is hardly any time for thinking. You will lose it and be left behind. That is why it is not enough to be able to make correct forms, you also have to learn how to think fast. Fortunately there are many ways of practicing this.

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3.       ikicihan
1127 posts
 09 Oct 2012 Tue 05:20 pm

i used movies and subtitles to learn english. this method may be used for any language.

because written and spoken english is not same, i used to watch english movies with english subtitles...

but you should carefully select your movies to avoid violance and sex scenes in some movies.

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4.       haniagree
73 posts
 09 Oct 2012 Tue 05:28 pm

thank you abla, yes, i agree speed is the problem. do you know how i can learn to understand conversations better? i think if i learn by speaking it would make my brain work faster, but i notice that i am quite an introvert, i like reading more than speaking... i notice those who speak more (but with less knowledge than me) tend to be better at language learning...


ikicihan, other than violent sex, i also want to avoid some stupid movies, i remember  watching this teenager turkish movie that was quite bad... (i forgot the title) .. i am looking for good movies that is worth my time and i can learn turkish while watching.

5.       ikicihan
1127 posts
 09 Oct 2012 Tue 07:29 pm

Unutulmaz Yerli Filmler

    1. Şakayla Karışık {Sadri Alışık}
    2. Ağır Roman {Bir vurgun bu sevda}
    3. Ah Müjgan Ah (197 {Sadri baba gibi ve sevmek ve kaybetmek...}
    4. Anayurt Oteli (1987)
    5. Baba Bizi Eversene {Barışmanço}
    6. Babam ve Oğlum {Duraydım böyle Nuran..Tutaydım Sadığımı..}
    7. Beklenen Şarkı 1953 {İlklerin Filmi...}
    8. Duvar {Bir Yılmaz Güney klasiği...}
    9. Eşkıya {çok korkuyorum eşkiya.. çok..}
    10. Fikrimin İnce Gülü {Sarı Mercedes}
    11. Gönderilmemiş Mektuplar {türkan şoray - kadir inanır klasiği..}
    12. Gönül Yarası (2005) {Şener Şen...}
    13. Manisa Tarzanı (1994) {Orhan Oğuz}
    14. Muhsin Bey´e duygusal bir bakış {çiçekleri seven adamın hikayesi...}
    15. Organize işler {bye bye hepiniz}
    16. Piano Piano Bacaksız (1992)
    17. Seven Ne Yapmaz (197
    18. Sevmek Zamanı {Film dediğin böyle olur...}
    19. Superman Dönüyor (1979) {Turkish Superman }
    20. Tosun Paşa (1976) {Paşam!!! Tosun Paşam!!!}
    21. Umut {Bir Yılmaz Güney Filmi}
    22. Zıkkımın Kökü {Memduh Ün}
    23. Züğürt ağa {ben kari isterem}
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Edited (10/9/2012) by ikicihan

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