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Zoo child death
1.       catwoman
8933 posts
 06 Nov 2012 Tue 01:18 pm

There was a horrible event this weekend in one of the zoos of a child falling into the enclosure of African painted dogs and being mauled to death within minutes.


Wild dogs killed 2-yr old boy


Apparently, such accidents are very rare, thank Goodness! I am not blaming the parents for standing up the child on the rail but I think we should remember to always take more precaution.


Apparently, these dogs are some of the most dangerous, predatory animals in nature. "Its large teeth allow it to consume a lot of bone in the same way a hyena does and it has a bite force quotient - BFQ, the strength of bite relative to the animal´s mass -  measured at 142, the highest of any carnivore, except for the Tasmanian devil. They are extremely aggressive and nearly 80 per cent of their hunts end in a kill - as opposed to a lion with a success rate of just 30 percent."

2.       insallah
1277 posts
 08 Nov 2012 Thu 12:21 am

Omg what a horrific tragedy 

Edited (11/8/2012) by insallah
Edited (11/8/2012) by insallah

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