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some conjunctive prepositions
1.       tunci
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 22 Dec 2012 Sat 11:12 pm


Structures of  some conjunctive prepositions [conjunctions];


* Some prepositions are formed out of multiple elements and conjoins the statements in sentences. Such as ;


Sanki ---->  Sanmak = to suppose, to 


San  +   ki   --->  as if , seems like.






Halbuki ---->  Hal  bu [dur] ki --->  Literally ; this is the situation.  The situation is that ; 


Hal + bu [dur] + ki ----> Halbuki  

As we see, the preposition was in clause form but it later cliched and became a preposition. And it means ; however, whereas, but, while 




Oysaki ----->   O  ise   ki  ---> Literally ; if  it [that] is that . 


O [pronoun] +  ise [ if ] +  ki 


means ;  whereas, yet, though, however,but




Ola ki  ---->  Ol  [ stem of verb "olmak"] +  a [ optative marking of 3´th person] + ki 


means ; perhaps, may be probably




And in some exclamational prepositions are formed of multiple elements ; such as ;


Haydi ! , Hadi !  


We use this preposition to calling out to someone in order to say  ; come on ! , go on !, come on !, go ahead !….


How this word is formed is ;

Hay + de  --->

Hay [ this is the word for "God [the ever living one "al hayy" ] "    , it also means " effort, endeavour"

de = say 

so it is obvious that this word is formed to motivate ,encourage, to make people perform effort for something.


it has various way of usages in some dialects today ;

haydi, haydin, haydiyin, haydın…..





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