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About Turkish Characters, Keyboards and Typing in Turkish
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1.       erdinc
2151 posts
 29 Sep 2005 Thu 08:40 pm

bod has created a downloadable version of the UK Keyboard with Turkish Characters. Have a look on his web page for further details.

To install Bod's program, create a new folder anywhere in your computer (on your desktop for instance) and them extract the zip file to this folder. Close the zip file and go to the new folder you have created. Here you will find a file. Using this file install the keyboard into the control panel.
Now, go to "control panel > Regional and language options > languages > details > add " and add the keyboard layout you have created.
Afterwards remove the existing layout.


From my experience in the UK I know that this can be a tricky issue so I decided to start this thread.

Cant find a Turkish Keyboard in the UK? Have a look on logitech's website. Recently I bought a wireless desktop in Turkish and I'm very happy with the product. You can find it here:

EX 100 £29.99

If more than one user is using a computer, you can log on as different users.
Currently its almost only me who is using my computer but from time to time an English friend of me is using it but the Turkish keyboard I bought was too confusing. Especially because the letter "i" had moved to another place and @ . , had also moved.
So we decided to seperate things. I connected both keyboards with usb and they both work at the same time.

Control panel > Regional and Language Options > Languages > Details

After opening XP with my account I have put Turkish Q keybord as the only one.
And when opening XP with my friends account I have put English Q keybord as the only one.

So we have one English and one Turkish keyboard connected to the same PC and we just log in and simply use the right keyboard. There is no swiching or whatsoever and belive me the swiching languages things can drive you crazy. So this is an easy solution I'm using.

3. If you want to be able to type the Turkish characters without using a Turkish keyboard I have some good news for you. It is possible to change every singe key on your keyboard to type anything possible and it will work everywhere in your computer.

You can do this with that program:
The Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator
Except the keyboard tool you will need to install one more program called "Microsoft .NET Framework". At the end the program cretaes an exe file which installs the keyboard to your control panel.

With this program you can create any keyboard layout you like. For instance if you have an English keyboard you can still type "ç, ö, ğ, ü, ı" easly by assigning some keys or key combinations to these letters. You can decide what a key on your keyboard should type.

Yes I know there are come numeretical shortcyts but what I'm telling here is much more easier.

You could type the Tukish characters in any key combination you like. For instance by pressing any key (say "Alt") plus "c, o, g, u, i".
But certainly you need to create that kayboard layout first. And then install it and then choose it from control panel. Be sure to make the letters work with capital letters as well.
I suggest leaving only one keyboard in your control panel.

The microsoft keyboard layout creator is a very easy to use program. Copy current keyboard, make changes, save it, install it. Thats it.

2.       Lyndie
968 posts
 30 Sep 2005 Fri 12:21 am

I used the instructions on this site to swap my keyboard back and forth from Turkish to English. it is quite easy to set up and easy to use, although if you are a fast typist in English, it slows you down a little looking for the turkish characters.

When you look at the instructions on the site, there is also 2 pictures of the keyboard with the places showing for the turkish letters. I printed the page and cut out the pictures of the keyboards and stuck them with tape onto my keyboard above the 'f' keys, I can easily see them. I did the same with my laptop.

Good luck with which ever method you choose.

3.       Dime
10 posts
 30 Sep 2005 Fri 01:54 am

Thanks for this Erdinc.

You can do this with that program:
The Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator
Except the keyboard tool you will need to install one more program called 'Microsoft .NET Framework'. At the end the program cretaes an exe file whisch installs the keyboard to your control panel.
In my control panel I have all the normal keyboard layouts to choose from but I also have a Turkish Qi keyboard. I had to give a name so I called it Qi.

I had managed to set my keyboard to write the extra letters in microsoft word but for some reason they wouldn't work anywhere else. I downloaded this program made a few alterations to the layout I already use and bingo, I now have a full alphabet I can use everywhere!

4.       Bursali
400 posts
 30 Sep 2005 Fri 01:57 am

that realy is a big issue.

5.       the_maverick
3 posts
 30 Sep 2005 Fri 06:01 pm

Hi all ,
I've just joined the forum with hope to be able to learn turkish , the language . There are however , a few problems that have slowed my progress considerably .
Using the regional settings I've changed added the turkish language (turkish Q) as one of my input languages . But ,after switching to the T Q keyboard ,I'm still unable to type anything in turkish (char specific to the language ) ; this despite the fact that the turkish char set is installed in my system .
Any help in this regard shall be appreciated .

6.       Daydreamer
3743 posts
 30 Sep 2005 Fri 06:08 pm

Merhaba Maverick
When I switch to the TQ it works without problems but for the fact that Turkish characters are not on the letter keys. For example, ğ is where I have "[" ü is "]" ş is ";" i is " '" ö is "," and ç is "."
Good luck trying to find them

7.       the_maverick
3 posts
 30 Sep 2005 Fri 06:20 pm

7 minutes....wow!! that's fast . I wasn't expecting anything like that . Great Forum !!
And yes , my problem's solved . Thanks a lot ,Daydreamer .

8.       erdinc
2151 posts
 30 Sep 2005 Fri 06:23 pm

Hello the_maverick,
the language swiches automatically to the one which windows things is the right one. This is why above I didnt suggest to leave two keyboard layouts on regional settings.
On the right bottom of your screen there should be a small box which allows you to swich between keyboards.
It is also possible to swich with shortcut keys. You can set hot keys from the control panel>regional options>languages>details>key settings.
By default it could be "leftAlt+Shift".
The swiching thing wasnt practical for me so I didnt continue that way.

9.       bod
5995 posts
 03 Jan 2006 Tue 10:40 pm

I've downloaded the Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator tool and it works very well.......I have added the extra characters to AltGr (also Ctrl+Alt).

It all works fine in MS Word and within internet forms but doesn't seem to work properly in MSN Has anyone else had this problem???

If anyone wants it I can upload the installer package for the keyboard layout I have created to save you having to install the .NET framework that is needed to build the software package.

10.       _Canlı
175 posts
 18 Jul 2006 Tue 04:52 am

may i ask a question ?

Why don't you download the Türkçe language from the Window's CD ??

İ did this and it is very easy,i convert the languges using shift and alt keys

Just put the CD and add the languge

And btw, for those who got a Turkish keyboard may i ask ,where is the @ there ? cause i cann't seem to find it till now
Whenever i want to use i conver to the English languge :-S

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