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1.       Yarvik364
162 posts
 12 Mar 2013 Tue 09:19 am


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2.       tunci
7149 posts
 12 Mar 2013 Tue 09:44 am


Quoting Yarvik364

Example: Erkek çocuk merdivenden aşağıya iniyor.

Question: Is it really necessary to mention aşağıya in this case? Inmek already conveys the notion of descending. What is the grammatical term of this obvious redundancy?


It is not really necessary. 

In Turkish grammar we have term for that type of situation which is Incoherency.  I had written about it some time ago. And in your case, the incoherency is caused by unnecessaryly used word.



 Incoherency caused by unnecessaryly used words.

Duvarlara kalemle yazı yazmayınız. [ Do not write on the walls with pen]

Here, the incoherency is caused by using the unnecessary word "kalem"  since it is a warning and we are just asked " do not write on the walls"  it doesn´t matter what tool we use when we write on the walls.

Therefore, that warning should be as ; 
Duvarlara yazı yazmayınız.


İki bakan, üç saat süreyle görüştüler. [ Two ministers talked for 3 hours time]

Again, the word ´süreyle´ is unnecessary and causes incoherency.

So, the sentence should be as ;

İki bakan, üç saat görüştüler.


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3.       tunci
7149 posts
 12 Mar 2013 Tue 11:44 am


Another example  ;

After the particle "ile" , the word "birlikte" should not be used as they both give almost the same meaning.

ile = with 

birlikte = together 

So, its unnecessary to use "birlikte" after "ile"

Buraya kardeşiyle  birlikte geldi --> He/She came here together with his brother/sister.  

In the sentence above, we should get rid of "birlikte" [together] , as there is already "with"  "kardeşi + ile = kardeşiyle ´ 

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