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What is the best way to learn Turkish for a serious learner?
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1.       suzanne2013
30 posts
 19 Mar 2013 Tue 11:54 am

I thought it would be a good idea for everyone to tell us about how they are learning turkish at the moment.  It would also be nice to hear some tips from the native speakers.


This is my method: I am studying at leisurely pace and would like a more intense schedule

1. Every week I watch atleast two episode of Muhteşem Yuzyıl. I like it because they speak at a normal pace and it is easier to decipher words. I dont watch it with any subtititles but do manage to pick up a few phrases and words.


2. I read and make notes on Lewis Turkish grammar. I am going through it very slowly chapter by chapter so I can have a good grasp of the grammar.  I also have a copy of a dictionary of Turkish Verbs in context and by theme by Raphael Jaeckel which I read casually.


3. I have access to a series of Turkish textbooks called Adım Adım Türkçe. It seems a bit childish for me but I use to get a broader vocabularly.


4. I watch an english subtitled Turkish movie once a week. I recently watched and cried through Yureğine Sor. I also like the Recep İvedik movies because they are very funny and modern.


5. I am reading the Harry Potter series in Turkish. I try to read a few pages every night.


6. I watch the turkish news a few times a week.I find they speak very fast so its difficult to understand.


7. During my breaks or commuting at work I use the Anymemo flashcard app on my phone and try to expand my verb and noun vocabularly. 


From this method which I have been doing for a few months I find that I have gained an extensive vocabulary. In addition I can usually understand the gist of turkish conversations. However I find it very difficult to form my own sentences.

What do you guys think of my learning methods?


Do you have any tips to learn more efficiently? 


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2.       tunci
7149 posts
 19 Mar 2013 Tue 12:17 pm


They all good and useful ways in learning Turkish !!  Only thing I can say is , practice your Turkish with Turks as much as you can. It will be easier if you are already living in Turkey.



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3.       Wilou
44 posts
 19 Mar 2013 Tue 12:37 pm

I agree with tunci, my Turkish teacher also says that the best  way to learn Turkish is to communicate with people whose mother language is Turkish.

I also almost do all of the thing you´re doing and I can agree that it really helps learning the language

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4.       elenagabriela
2040 posts
 19 Mar 2013 Tue 01:23 pm

yes, it helps a lot, indeed. I remember 3 years ago when I started learning Turkish, when I talked to a friend of mine, I used to memorise the way of his speaking, trying to do the same...and still I do this

after that I started to read every day even a few pages, like you, and I was very proud when I finished my first book in turkish - Gizli Anıların Yolcusu by Ayşe Kulin (even I did it in few months, using the dictionary of course, but I can say I understood it 70% without dictionary)

for me is a bit hard because I havent grammar Turkish - Romanian books; I study Turkish by Turkish or by English

and thanks of God there are a lot of turkish series here..

and I have to THANK every day all of Turkish Class members who help me every time here, for their time and patience

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5.       suzanne2013
30 posts
 19 Mar 2013 Tue 02:02 pm


Quoting elenagabriela

yes, it helps a lot, indeed. I remember 3 years ago when I started learning Turkish, when I talked to a friend of mine, I used to memorise the way of his speaking, trying to do the same...and still I do this



That sounds like a very good idea, I will try that.


I would recommend reading to everyone as that is how I learnt english as a child.  My mother wouldnt let us watch much television so I had to rely on reading alot of books to become fluent in english


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6.       mom4maddi
64 posts
 21 Mar 2013 Thu 01:53 am


Quoting suzanne2013

What do you guys think of my learning methods?


Do you have any tips to learn more efficiently? 


Honestly, I´m really impressed with all that you´ve chosen in order to facilitate your learning. I might just have to steal a few of these ideas. If you hear of any other suggestions, please pass them along. Although you state that you´re approaching your learning at a leisurely pace, I have to admit I´m a little jealous as my approach is far less intense than this. However, my biggest obstacle is time I wish I had more time to dedicate to learning Turkish. Still I do some learning every day...even if it´s only a few words added to my vocabulary. Happy learning to you and thanks for sharing.


7.       suzanne2013
30 posts
 21 Mar 2013 Thu 10:10 am

Thank you. I think the most important thing is to be consistent. It is better to do a little bit everyday rather than go in and out of stages of intense study.

Also if you don´t have someone to practice your turkish with find someone online that you can regularly write to in Turkish.


In my case I usually tell my turkish friends to speak turkish and I reply back in English because I am not that confident yet with my tenses.

8.       Abla
3647 posts
 21 Mar 2013 Thu 04:37 pm

See what is difficult for you and always go to that direction. It makes you hate your existence at times but eventually pays back.

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9.       gokuyum
5049 posts
 21 Mar 2013 Thu 08:18 pm

Best way to learn Turkish is to be born as a Turk

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10.       nifrtity
1806 posts
 21 Mar 2013 Thu 10:08 pm

Sure books and sites and listening .....

But the most important point to be very Patient and never upset .

That is for any language ,

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