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Some greetings and polite expressions
1.       tunci
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 01 Apr 2013 Mon 01:18 am



Merhaba ---> Hello 

Hoş geldiniz ----> Welcome 

Hoş bulduk  ---> The response to  Hoşgeldiniz

Günaydın ----> Good morning 

İyi  günler ----> Good day [Have a good day]

İyi akşamlar ----> Good  evening 

İyi  geceler -----> Good night 

Allah rahatlık versin ---> May God give you comfort [ it is said to someone who is going to sleep]

Nasılsınız ? ----> How are you ? 

Teşekkür ederim, iyiyim. ----> Thank you. I am well      or ;

Hamdolsun ---> Praise to God [means I am fine]          or ;

Çok şükür   ----> Many thanks to God [ I am fine]

Siz  nasılsınız ? ----> And  you  ? 

When you are introduced with someone  you say ;

Memnun oldum ---> I am pleased [ I am pleased to meet you ]

The other person replies as ;

"Ben de"  or  " Ben de memnun oldum" ---> Me too.    or    I am pleased too. [ I am pleased to meet you too]
For  Goodbye 
The person leaving says " Allaha ısmarladık "   or  less formally  ---> " Hoşçakalın " [Remain pleasantly]

The person staying replies  " Güle güle " [go] smilingly.   

Görüşmek üzere ----> See you again.

Görüşürüz  ---> See you [later]
Estağfurullah ----> the Arabic for  I ask God´s pardon. This is what we say if someone praises us in terms which you regard, or affect to regard, as excessive. The nearest English term would be " You are too kind  or You flatter me."   

Estağfurullah is also indicating the humbleness, by saying this phrase, you say that you are not deserving that praise, therefore you are being humble.

Maşallah ---> The Arabic word for "Whatever God wishes, expresses admiration while at the same time warding off the evil eye. 
It is also a way of expressing when admiring childeren. It is like saying " What a lovely baby [child] " !   
It can be used for almost anythıng.

Maşallah, ne güzel bir eviniz varmış --- > What a beautiful house you have ! [admiration and suprise]
" Nazar değmesin ! " is kind of  response to Maşallah.  [ Let the Evil Eye not touch ! ]

When you see someone about to eat , you say " Afiyet olsun." [ Let there be health! , Bon appetit ! ]

When offered coffee you will be asked " Nasıl içersiniz ? " [How do you drink [it] ? ]

The options  are ;  sade ----> plain, şekersiz ---->  without sugar

   az , orta or çok şekerli ---> little, medium or much sugared.
"Bana müsaade " is ´permission for me´  which is used when you want to leave somewhere.  

Bana müsaade ---> If you´ll excuise me, I need [want] to go.. 

When entering a place where people are working, use this phrase ; " Kolay gelsin" [May it come easy] 

In other words, when you see someone working you can use this phrase.
If  someone sneezes , you can say " Çok yaşa " ! [ Live long !]   

The reply to it  is ;   " Sen de gör " [ And you too see]

When a friend pays the bill  you say " Kesene  bereket" [ Blessing to your purse  ] 

Üstü  kalsın ---> Let remain on you  or just  "Kalsın " means " Keep the change" 

"Affedersiniz " or   "Kusura bakmayın." --->[ Do not look at the fault]  Excuise me,  Sorry, Pardon

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