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a small amount of gunpowder into firecrackers
1.       youlai
1 posts
 25 Apr 2013 Thu 06:53 am

Even the hard outside dancing cheerleaders small to attract these die-hard fans can not drain # 42; point.

The Banknorth Garden Chang empty this group of guys to become the North Shore death, there have been many grumpy fans have left, Wholesale nfl jerseys,leave the fans are certainly less than the next performance of the Green Army, but there are even more and more people choose to stay.

"The other side is not so simple. Do not take it lightly!" Looked excited before the disciples. Jim O´Brien or somewhat worried that said, he is not an exaggeration, the Green Army tough but a name, do not hit the last minute who do not know how the outcome, basketball is round, anything is possible, not to mention the opponent lineup than the strong Green Army.

"Do not worry coach, we are now is not the original weak teams, the Celtics want to catch up with that NR is not easy!" Hear Jim O´Brien, smiling, playing next to a Ford said, he said to not without reason.

Trouble for a while, and the second half I´m sure the other will strike back, that time must withstand each other´s counterattack. Otherwise would spoil! "At this time sitting in the corner of the locker room inside empty suddenly serious, said, listening to the Zhang empty so serious, calm, you know the usual empty do not speak to the Pacers others.

The original is still there everyone laughing with one, Jim O´Brien, hear the words of Zhang empty stunned for a moment, and that. Is just talk back with one, Jim O´Brien hit a Ford thought Zhang empty This is to say he can not help but Teng suddenly stood up.

"Empty What are you talking about?" Seeing billion Ford, empty is no reason. Now that he has felt the second half Green Army will strike back, because of what? Because of the tasks, the star-level system tasks, Authentic nfl jerseys,absolutely will not let Zhang empty so easily, whether it is one, are very difficult to fishes, whether it is the other side of the score does not Pobai, or let yourself matchup does not vote a third ball. It will not be too simple. Star-level system tasks. Is not to send food to play.

Zhang empty now will need to be careful, because, after all, with the point of life, that is, their own small life relationship, he did not want detained fifty.

"Zhang says empty also right, now is not the time to celebrate, you Xiaoxiao Huo first, he should not be for you!" Next to Granger looked empty and pay Ford stiff here, as a boss, he is naturally To come to play smooth things over.

By the potential, they also play a Fu Tela back seat, but hit a Ford looked inside the eyes of Zhang empty or with one wroth, think also understand that the original starting position to play a Ford , because the arrival of Zhang empty to Zhang empty.

Zhang empty even the sentence thank you, even the meal did not ask, Chang, Klong reputation on the team is good, but unkind accident or let him inside the team was some out of tune, and now play the Ford he looks just ahead to celebrate the victory, but let Zhang empty to say, such a situation he can not stand, so will all of a sudden the fire.

Because of this episode, had the locker room very harmonious atmosphere, NFL jerseys wholesale,and instantly change a taste, a little embarrassed.

Jim an O´Brien not marshal weaknesses revealed, he did not adjust their disciples anxious state of mind, but turned to the next tactical board, began to explain the tactics of the second half, but now inside the house Who will listen?

The entire room atmosphere inside more and more embarrassing, slowly Ji Yao O´Brien told myself that no one listened to.

Just at this time, outside the arena staff come and knock on the door, suggesting that the Pacers intermission time has come to.

All of them simmering stuffy Jin returned to the field. Zhang empty when inexperienced. Plus reclusive man wrong again. He did not even pay attention to are not aware of the atmosphere inside the locker room is not quite right, this is the lack of emotional intelligence ah.

In fact, just open space two joke. Comfort stare Ford things will be no. But even if he was reminded, it is estimated that he would not talk to a Ford to apologize, because he felt that he did not make the wrong, this axis character is not a good thing.

Often such a thing like the Lakers, but the Lakers´ locker room there is also a teammate Derek Fisher.

When Kobe Bryant or Phil Jackson mess of atmosphere, this old guy there will be adjustments to the team´s gas field.

But now, Pacers boss in Granger, Looking back, Coach Purses outlet,playmaker and defensive core is the fault of the air, empty, and Granger introverted, stupid mouth, let the original small dressing room, slowly deposited.

Like gunpowder, a small amount of gunpowder into firecrackers at the most, and wait until the gunpowder multiply. The firecrackers will become artillery shells.


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