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This appears to be the odds are against us!
1.       bear079
1 posts
 04 May 2013 Sat 06:29 am


    LUO Hai wind break, cheap authentic jerseys,and now he´s in front of Billups, because other people have to defend their defensive because too many people go to anti the Hoi-wind if it will inevitably produce at least one of the other players no one marker, that vacancy received after two game the Hoi-wind pass often have a high hit rate, even if not into the often Steve "accidentally" in the basket rebounds Hold.

    But not anti-folders Hoi-wind, Hoi-wind began taking the time to vote in two, and into that nothing can be done, to let defense of his Chauncey Billups and Hunter came off the bench nothing can be done! No one to blame them, because we all understand - want to guard the Hoi-style attack, that basically difficult!

    This issue in the last two seasons has been well documented.

    Ball into the two points! "The narrator of the piston home has no interest in talking loudly, he did not feel plus the two per Hou Luohai of wind to remember how many points have been, anyway, he only knew now the fourth section began soon, but his Pistons behind a lot, evidently this Wallace, the Pistons have been gradually Wizards opponent!

    This is a lot of Pistons fans think, looking at Steve, they always miss that although not shoot, but still they called the best inside Big movers and shakers in their own basket.

    "Oh!" Soon they and sigh, Steve in turn cast in the rebounds to Qiangliaoxialai the outside, he did not storm silent Langhammer Germany do not know his face sweat or tears standing in front of him , so that he lost his desire, his habit of choice -

    "Lo, then his ball and throw out.

    "Oh!" Hoi-wind is boring, and Steve joking "Do not be so lazy thing also investing more shots, do not hit a lifetime ball only dunk!"

    He is like strolling the ball flashed Hunt "claws", gave the ball a strike inside Kangzhu silent Langhammer Germany Steve.

    "What?" Listening to Hoi-wind, then Steve was furious, silent Langhammer Germany has been very stout, but he used to back against the role that he did not, he took the ball with a loud response Hoi-wind " The kid do not think he can cast a few baskets on the great, in fact I, because I am better than you idiot! "Then his whole back and rely on, silent Langhammer Germany the whole person to the back a bit, and he The recoil force hit farther from the ring, but he turned to take this opportunity to one and a half with his left hook the ball to the basket!

    "Yes" Steve fist suddenly barking, the ball obediently into the basket, he was overjoyed, regardless of the feelings of the piston members, Authentic nfl jerseys,a nasal nose. Of course, he squinted at Hoi-wind, to the the Hoi-wind proud provocation - but the Pistons players do not think so, this "hum" heavy knock in their hearts, everyone´s face is very ugly.

    Hoi-wind nor to manage the feelings of the piston members, not to say that he does not respect the opponents, but he also secretly applauded for Steve, the ball arc is still not very good. But has been much better than before, the most important thing is today into several.

    Heart think so, but he on the surface but still a very despised like watching Steve: "with aggression, have the ability to cast a few for me to see!"

    "Vote to vote ah, I was afraid you ah!" Steve cried grievances.

    Two people on this side of fighting with his mouth open while walking to their own half, leaving a helpless several Pistons players, they looked the Hoi-wind and Steve gradually away in the back, suddenly feeling a little sad. Perhaps less Big Ben after they have pulled out of the championship, perhaps the eastern overlord of the competition will continue to be the Heat, but the Wizards can also become an emerging force, because the combination of these two individuals is too terrible.


    "Well ... we cheer up! Season began, we will be better and better!" Billups suddenly clap loudly they woke up, passionate "You know, our league the best! "

    Ah, we have won a championship, ah, all the people think of the glory of the past few years, absolutely refused to become a dynasty goes down.

    "We are still the best!" Deafening roar once again the scene of frenzy to ignite, ** not lit the match, but the vision of the next season.


    The next game, the Wizards or irresistible force, suffered serious injuries in the team suffered two lost a few games in a row, when the team record of 34 wins and 5 losses, all of them have Recognizing that the team ran from the championship. Praised Hoi-wind and Steve portfolio has more than Wade and Shaquille O´Neal, Wade score as Hoi-wind, O´Neill has twilight.

    Beijing, China

    Chinese media the last stage of the NBA concern is not very eagerly, in addition to the message Hoi-wind, Yao Ming will be a bit of advertising, eyes are basically aimed at domestic.

    Not because the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA), but because of the internal turmoil of the Chinese Basketball Association.

    Be regarded as government agencies, the Chinese Basketball Association is the leadership of all Communist Party members, that want to be leaders but also at the approval of the person in addition to celebrity down at the letter of appointment, if there is no major mistakes, then basically you can that official when you do not want when it.

    Since the beginning of the calendar year, in addition to the hot seat of the President of the Chinese Football Association, the other bigwigs basically very stable and comfortable.

    But this year is different, the seat of the President of the Chinese Basketball Association was suddenly rushed out to rob. And break the routine after internal discussions stabbed by the candidates themselves to the media, so that the whole of Chinese people are aware of this matter, if placed before many people may open in the leaders finished a meeting, all the work is done do not know that there is no mobility personnel!

    "Bang" a loud noise, pile of newspapers hit the conference table, the President usually ruddy face covered with frost, often Youguangshuihua hair is a little messy, bulging belly is are stimulated efforts doing sports.

    "Huang Xing cheap cell, actually jump out of this time to bash my desk, nike nfl jerseys,he did not know me this election to make way for him?" He shouted loudly.

    "I have already hinted at him!" Minister of the Ministry of discipline in the next with a nervous "but he seems to be pretending to do not understand!"

    "He has what qualifications to sit this seat, I join the party when he was still wearing open file pants. Rice I eat more salt than he ate ... he was how much the little doll ...... by!"

    "Yes!" The disciplined style of Ministers nodded quickly, "he which comparable Chairman of you!"

    "But this time he took I do not know basketball this hit me!" Chairman fist hit the pile of newspapers "joint so multimedia together against me, in the end is how you should do the work? Do not know State news blackout?

    "Yes!" The only submissive copies of the following people, no one daring to the top of the President at this time.

    "Do not I will not go to school?" Not proficient in basketball is a fatal flaw of the President, not before, but now it was suggested to it, anyway, he is in power for so long, do not know how long learned. After all, the Chinese men´s basketball team each got a champion in Asia he felt a lot of basketball knowledge, otherwise how could each take title!

    "!" Following people go along with it, nfl jerseys wholesale,but everyone´s mind is clear, the chairman of the day is not an easy time, because the yellow new has always been the country´s very famous Marshal , recognized by many experts, but this time due to the activities of Wang Jinyuan, he has been a lot of industry support. Coupled with the national team coach Jonas sometimes outdated national team every time does not move Hoi-wind disappointed ...... caused everyone in the place of his handling of this matter Hoi-wind unreasonable denouncing, anyway, This appears to be the odds are against us!


    They will not finish, there Yunus accidentally put out to tell the truth.

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