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One of the busiest transit Chu still.
1.       celona87
1 posts
 07 May 2013 Tue 06:33 am



These three goals a decade ago, failed to achieve, now fell to Chu transit.


Now to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil three years, to the time Chu transit just three years old, the official end of the golden age, the next four years, he would 33-year-old, and be able to keep the state really can not say. The thirties he officially make contributions to the great time. So the expectations of the fans is justified.


Although the Asian World Cup qualifying has already begun. But this time move him back is not playing qualifiers, the third round of qualifying to wait until November began to kick. This is a warm-up match, because to begin on November 20 strong game, Wholesale Coach bags. Gao Hongbo running the team since the Asian Cup, the Chinese team almost did not use all the main play any game, playing Gao Hongbo, Mongolia to find a large group of young people and the national team of marginal figures do military training, Mongolia.


Transit Chu explained after listening to some loss of Emily, but she miss Chu transit, but unfortunately not easy to get back to Madrid, but still did not see her own husband.


"Well, there is one week." Chu transit over the phone to comfort her. "If you come back to look at the new house decoration these days, I did not go."


Chu transit busy, so the renovation of the new house will not attend.


He is busy because Alonso injured, he wants to be the host.


Mourinho consider simply replace Alonso, wholesale jerseys from china.Chu transit tactics are in accordance with the so or is not, but it seems not fully utilize the full capacity of the transit Chu, some waste. Like a car clearly has five stalls, you only use a file in the same run.


Lenny Chu transit to build into a free man, which means that in order to play a hundred percent of his ability, it is necessary to him as the core, re-enacted tactics. Real Madrid metronome Alonso, the core C. Ronaldo.


Chu transit position very embarrassing ......

After all, here is the home country of transit Chu Well ......


Kaka played in the seventy-seventh minute of the whole game, replacing Ozil.


Kaka´s debut is a climax of the game. Brazilian star´s popularity in China is very high, even though he has no less to the force.


The second half is basically municipal rotation players or fringe players, so these people harder than the first half of the main players. Of course, the more brilliant victories.


The second half Benzema scored Granero direct free kick nets into a card after playing Real Madrid a penalty, he surgeon penalty into.


Final Real Madrid in this so-called "two-Real Madrid showdown" laugh the final score of 5-0 victory over Guangzhou Hengda.


The game is very exciting and a lot of goals, authentic nfl jerseys, but a lot of fans when leaving the Olympic Sports Center was quite regrettable.


Because transit Chu did not score, there is no direct assists, although he participated in several goals, but had no assists and goals. This allows everyone to feel very sorry.


Although the overall game is wonderful, successful, but did not score Chu transit, like New Year´s Eve dinner dish dumpling ...


The day after the game, Chu transit has become the focus of major media reports, on the Internet at the same time has a very lively discussion.


So-called watch outsiders, experts see Road. Majority of the fans only care about transit Chu did not score, experts from Chu transit and Real Madrid run-how.


Generally speaking, than we imagine, Chu transit and new teammates to establish the basis of a tacit agreement, but sometimes still seems not enough understanding. Otherwise, Chu transit that does not even goals and assists no. (Champion legend Hand group produced) several transit Chu came a very good ball game, his teammates did not think, did not catch, can not form a shot. Or transit Chu went to the bit position, did not keep up with a pass from teammate, etc. send over either offside or a bad location, barely a shot, can not score.


Everyone in the transit Chu how to integrate into the Real Madrid ideas, Chu transit is not the first Chinese player to join the European giants team, Dong before him. But he is definitely the most promising marked with the main players in the big club, so everyone has high hopes for him.


Even be a commercial game is so important, as if into a ball in this game will be able to successfully integrate into the team, nfl jerseys wholesale , and can not enter the ball will be ups and downs in the future ill-fated.


Transit Chu himself? Does not care, can be felt Mourinho not make up their minds on how to use their own, so the results of this competition and the process can not explain the problem.


Zidane had a move to Real Madrid, who have spent nearly half a season before gradually adapt to La Liga and Real Madrid football, showed his level, why worry about it?


After all, they are not the kind of C. Ronaldo as long as they played well in the team have the type of service for him, you do not need to adapt to play their best side, and naturally it is excellent. Own midfield, organizers, service team, rather than allowing the team to serve themselves, so they need an adjustment period.


The end of the Real Madrid team in Guangzhou after the game the next morning to fly to Shanghai in preparation for the game, and a variety of activities.


Real Madrid team was to participate in a football column of the CCTV sports channel recording in Shanghai, in 2005, they stood me up, cheap nfl jerseys ,this time as possible and in any event not to miss it.


One of the busiest transit Chu still.


His popularity in Guangzhou, the same as in Shanghai. Real Madrid is willing to go to a trip in Chengdu, Sichuan, estimates even higher.

2.       harp00n
3993 posts
 07 May 2013 Tue 09:08 am

Kidding ??? Why dont you get "Fotomaç" ?

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