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Polite English For Turks
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1.       LonsingerAmber
34 posts
 30 May 2013 Thu 04:32 am

Using these will gain you respect with many people, from your girlfriend to your girlfriend’s parents. Watch Murat Boz using polite English on Megan Fox:

She wasn’t unimpressed my friend.




These words and sentences below share the same meaning, however there is a polite way to say them and a common informal way to say them. For example revealing truth and juicy tidbit mean share the same meaning,

however revealing truth is the polite way to say it. Ask me here if you need an example sentence!


*Polite English –vs—Common/Informal English

*By all accounts = Furthermore/Still

* I haven’t the faintest idea. = I don’t know. (Note: However you can’t say ‘I have the faintest idea’ for ‘I know’. That’s incorrect English. )

*To be devoted heart and soul to = To be greatly devoted

*Speculation ran rife for two entire hours. =The celebration went on for two

whole hours.

*It’s assumed/It seemed/It’s supposed = Assumingly, seemingly, supposedly

*to be thrown into proper rapture with/at = to be made comfortable with/at

*to be subjecting to one’s delight = to serve one’s pleasure

*to bid someone a welcome = to greet someone/to be pleased to see someone (Example: “We bid you welcome, Sir”. = We’re pleased to see you, Sir”. )

*How do you do?/ How are you fairing? = How are you? /How are you coming along? *much to my surprise = surprisingly to me

*My dearest apologies. = I’m sorry.

*This will do. = This is fine/ok/good.

*I should like to introduce …. (my spouse)= Let me introduce ….(my wife)

*My dearest = My Darling/Beloved/Dearie

*She is a radiant beauty=She is a beautiful woman.

*She is a sweet-faced chestnut to moon over. = She is a pretty woman to

admire. *I will oblige (=assist) your desire=As you wish(please)

*If you feel (or deem) it necessary = As you wish

*Thank you ever so much =Thank you (Note: Even though ‘ever’, ‘so’ and ‘much’

in the same sentence may seem unnecessarily redundant and possible uneducated, it’s quite the opposite! This sounds polite to English speakers.

When we use sentences with redundant words, it’s our attempt of being polite.) (Note: This has a connotation of reluctance. For example, someone saying

they’re going to do something that displeases you. Example: “I’m going to skip school/ I want to smoke/Let’s go shopping.” Response “If you feel/deem in necessary.” ) *it’s quite the bother/nuisance. = It’s the damnedest thing.

*to know full well that = to know *to have on good authority that…

= to happen to know (to know) (Note: This is usually used when conveying important information. For example: I have it on good authority that your house has been evicted. = I happen to know(I know) that your house was evicted. ) *Whatever are you doing? = What you are doing?

*to one’s heart’s content =as much as one likes(wants to)

*to be quite becoming on someone =to suit one well (Example: It’s (a characteristic, outfit, falan&hellip quite becoming on you. =It suits you well.)

*an avalanche of = a lot of *Never you worry = Don’t worry/Not to worry

*Shall we be off then? = Let’s go! *to lie down for a spell = to take a nap

*It was highly …-ing. =It was really…-ing. (Example: It was highly amusing.

=It was really cool.) *all the more ….–ly. = …-ly.

(Example: All the more precise. =Precisely./That’s right. )

*at a moment’s notice = right then

*positively giddy = happy

* with …about = with ….everywhere

(Example: With people about.=With people everywhere.)

*Are you serious just now! (?) = Really!/Well, really! (?)

*to possess one to… = to make one …

*Your remembrance wears on my heart. =I will never forget you.

*For dear life! /I say! = My goodness!/ Oh my God!

*I can say, it’s been a pleasure. = Thank you for inviting me.

*to channel something = to replace something *painting oneself as = building (=having) a reputation of *bordering on …-ness/-ity = about to go (=be) (Example: She is bordering on insaneness/insanity. = She is about to go crazy.)


*to issue an ultimatum = to have a requirement (Example: She issued me an ultimatum that must be met by the end of this week. =She gave me a (or this) requirement that needs completed by the end of this week. )

*What a ….it is/was = It’s a (good/bad) ….. (Good/Bad can be determined by

the context clues) (Example: And what an ultimatum it was! = It’s a (good/bad) requirement . )

*to pay / to pay a compliment = to give/to give a compliment (Example: He paid me a visit.= He gave me a visit/He visited me. )

*Where has (he/she/it/) gotten off to? = Where is he/she/it?

*What are we to do? = What are we going to do? (Note: Implying that a bad occurrence happened)

*Given one’s…. = Consindering one’s (Example: Given our previous encounters, we started to spend time together more often. = Considering our previous encounters, we started to date/go out. ) (Another example: Given my current situation, I have to stay home. =

Considering my current situation, I have to stay home.

*How is it that….? =How

(Example: How is it that you came to become so lovely and intelligent? =How did you get so pretty and smart? )

*Have you ever engaged in the act(s) of ….-ing? = Have you ever –ed?

(Have you ever engaged in the act of fishing? =Have you ever fished? )

* To have one’s presence = to see (talk to) one

(May I have your presence in the kitchen? = May I see you (talk to you) in the kitchen? )


Additional Rules concerning Polite English/

The do’s and don’ts for Polite English.


*Use This –vs-- This

*Anyone/Everyone = Anybody/Everybody

*However = But

*inconvenient = bad

(Example: This week has been inconvenient thus far. = I’m having a really bad week. )

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2.       LonsingerAmber
34 posts
 30 May 2013 Thu 04:34 am

More Coming soon, including Polite English Love Phrases {#emotions_dlg.love}

3.       LonsingerAmber
34 posts
 30 May 2013 Thu 06:21 am


*Polite English –vs—Common/Informal English


*To refrain from = to not do


*To take kindly to = to enjoy doing/to accept something/someone easily

(Example: He takes kindly to her. /He takes kindly to learning English.)


* to look beyond compare = to look amazing/handsome/beautiful


*What of it? = What about it?


* Quite = Yes it is (a confirmation statement)


*Far from it. = Not at all. (no)


*After you = You first/let’s go. (say this to your date before you both leave)


* to be taken aback = to be shocked (Example: He was taken aback about the news reports.)


*Brace yourself. =Prepare yourself. (for good or bad)


* All in your favor, (letter ending)= Sincerely Yours, (letter ending)

4.       LonsingerAmber
34 posts
 30 May 2013 Thu 06:29 am

{#emotions_dlg.love} English Love Phrases For Turks {#emotions_dlg.love} 

Using the more romantic phrases will be more effective than using the cliché ones, of course! First, here are some tips when dating Americans.


TIP # 1 : Romanticism and Americans : Voice Your Observations

Basically, you must voice what you see to a girl you like, like reading a

romantic novel aloud For example, you’re looking at your girlfriend and see her flushed face, her shiny eyes, her lips redder…now, all you have to do is say it: “My lovelorn panther, your faces appears more flushed, your eyes are shiny,

your lips redder,…”. It’s all about her. The other person. However, from a

Turkish Sufi’s perspective, this shows off her egoism if she was to feel happier from you saying “I love you”, than you saying “ I hate you”. However you must tolerate this from her, because human personality is fragile, especially with women.


TIP # 2: Romanticism and Americans: True Love is not a Chemistry Test

‘Love’ takes place on ‘four’ levels:

I. Physical (chemically/hormonally influenced by neurotransmitters, serotonin, oxytocin, and endorphins )

II. physiological (genetic-influenced)

III. psychological (emotion and personality influenced)

IV. spiritual love (Believe in a Higher (greater) Existence )


Most Americans look for partners who enhance their own (probably false) but dearly held beliefs or wishes about themselves.

FOR EXAMPLE: There are many foreigners here in the USA, that because of their citizenship, they believe that they are American and they leave their past live behind.

Here’s an example:

Muhammad : I speak English. I eat American food. I dress American. I AM American.

Muhammad’s Girlfriend (Native USA Citizen) : Yes you are sweetie.

So, on a psychological level of love, this is the correct answer, even if it’s a lie. This is perhaps the most important concept of love, is enhancing what the other person believes of themself, even if they’re conception is wrong.

To have morals is to be spiritual and truthful, and spiritual love, truth, is not chemically or psychological influenced. My suggestion is that if you want to be physical, do it with hugs and release her trust and oxytocin that way.


TIP # 3: Romanticism and Americans: Love Her Faults

People will present their ‘faults’ to you so that you will accept and love them Their subconscious wants proof that you love them. With Americans, and the many American magazines, movies, and music which tremendously influence

the women here, there will be times where American women may become negatively emotional. Let’s call her negativity, complaining her faults. If you notice when she reveals them, you must say that you love her for them, and

that she needs to see herself as complete. Say this, no more and no less.

Same goes with American men.


LAST TIP: #4: Romanticism and Americans: Playing Her Söz of Emotions

Tauntful playing with her emotions, as using words to only slightly anger her, shows positive results. As many Turkish men already know, anger and passion

are located neurologically together. So using phrases such as

“You do, don’t you? that shows your false doubtfulness of her will ironically anger her slightly and motivate her towards improvement! (Gym teachers and the US military use this concept all the time.)



Edited (5/30/2013) by LonsingerAmber [Words At End Cut Off]

5.       LonsingerAmber
34 posts
 30 May 2013 Thu 06:30 am

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6.       LonsingerAmber
34 posts
 30 May 2013 Thu 06:36 am

Using the more romantic phrases will be more effective than using the cliché ones. These may seem too emotional, however, that’s precisely the point.

Here we go!




_________*More Romantic –vs—Cliché ___________ 

*”Your every word sparkles like a diamond of the first water.”

=I like your voice.


*”The world seems to have forgotten us.” = Look, honey, we’re alone. (lol)


* ” Must I remind you? You will always penetrate my heart, my mind. You’re my “= I love you,heart and soul, baby. (-Using the word ‘baby’ has physical implications, no? I wouldn’t use this, it’s rude)


* ”You will perk up under the influence of tea, my dear.” = Would you like a drink? (If she says no, do it anyways. Women like drinks.

Saying ‘you will perk up’ will provoke anger/passion, falan&hellip


*”This ( _gift’s name__) is not enough for a flower such as you.”

=I bought you a gift.


* “ My English suffers when my thoughts of you like ashes softly fall” –“Looking at you makes me forget all. (the world) “


*Soft are the beasts of light, with moonlight that escapes you by nightfall, my blushing rose (or yakamoz, yakamozım).” = You look nice in the moonlight, my love. “


* “You, learning and laughing, my warm-hearted beauty, you fly, you fly”

=You look pretty studying. (Anything pertaining to her studying/learning)


*You appear like a sunburst, my sunshine. I wait for you in the morning here, when the day of my life begins. = Good Morning.


*I face a heaven half-destroyed, O with your kiss of conditional surrender, may I capture your living breaths?=I want to kiss you.


7.       Faruk
1607 posts
 30 May 2013 Thu 09:53 am

You appear like a sunburst, my sunshine. I wait for you in the morning here, when the day of my life begins. I mean good morning Amber

Wow! Amber, what a contribution you did We shall use these. Thank you very much and I hope you will continue posting useful information.

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8.       LonsingerAmber
34 posts
 30 May 2013 Thu 03:59 pm


Quoting Faruk

You appear like a sunburst, my sunshine. I wait for you in the morning here, when the day of my life begins. I mean good morning Amber

Wow! Amber, what a contribution you did We shall use these. Thank you very much and I hope you will continue posting useful information.



For you I have a surprize tomorrow, here, on turkishclass.


9.       Faruk
1607 posts
 30 May 2013 Thu 04:49 pm


Quoting LonsingerAmber




For you I have a surprize tomorrow, here, on turkishclass.



{#emotions_dlg.eeek} I´m scared now.

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10.       stumpy
638 posts
 30 May 2013 Thu 04:52 pm

The use contractions like (it´s - it is, don´t - do not) should be used at a minimum as it is informal English, for a polite and formal English contractions should be avoided.

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