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Suffixes that breaches the major wovel harmony.
1.       tunci
7149 posts
 11 Jun 2013 Tue 10:21 pm


Suffixes that breaches the major wovel  harmony.



Some suffixes breaches the major wawol  harmony in Turkish , they are  ;



-ken        : bakarken     --->  while [when]  looking

-ki          : aamki        --->  the one that is [was] in the evening

-leyin     : sabahleyin    ---->   in  the  morning

-gil         : dayımgil       ---> my uncle [mother´s brother] and his family

-imtırak  : yeşilimtırak  ---> greenish 

-daş         :meslektaş      ---->  colleague

-yor         :bekliyor         ----> he/she  is  waiting



note :  " major  vowel harmony  is" ;

If  the first  vowel of  the very first syllable  of  a word starts with a back vowel [a,ı, o , u ] , the rest take  the back vowel.

  If   the  first  vowel of the very first syllable of a word starts with  a front vowel [e,i, ö, ü ] , the rest  take the front vowel.

Bir kelimenin birinci hecesinde kalın bir ünlü (a, ı, o, u) bulunuyorsa diğer hecelerdeki ünlüler de kalın, ince bir ünlü (e, i, ö, ü bulunuyorsa diğer hecelerdeki ünlüler de ince olur:


Examples ;
















* Foreign origin words  does not  obey  this rule.




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2.       tunci
7149 posts
 13 Jun 2013 Thu 09:35 pm


Despite the  unrounded - rounded  harmony  in Turkish words ,  there is some Turkish words that don´t follow this harmony . Those ones are the ones which have  lip consonants in them  [ b, p, m, v ]


  In those Turkish  words that have  b, p, m , v ,   the old vowel "u" was protected  after  "a".



















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3.       Kelowna
375 posts
 13 Jun 2013 Thu 09:55 pm

nice job explaining this

4.       tunci
7149 posts
 14 Jun 2013 Fri 03:02 pm


Vowel harmony is not always  expected in  compound nouns or verbs .[ when more than one nouns or verbs  forms in as one noun or verb ]



 Some  examples ;



ilk  = first


okul = school


İlk +  okul  ---->  İlkokul  -------->   Elementary school.




açık  -  open


göz  -  eye


ık   +  göz  ----->  açıkgöz  ---->  Shrewd [person], canny 




yap =  do 


vermek =  to  give 


yap  +   ı +   vermek  ---->  yapıvermek  ------>  to do [make]  something easily, quickly, hastily, rapidly  [verb of haste]



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