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Some slang words
1.       tunci
7149 posts
 20 Jun 2013 Thu 02:06 pm


Some slang words you might hear from your Turkish Friends. And they might sound rude to other people though. 



Tüymek  -    to leg it  [ to run away ]


Beni görünce  tüydü --> He legged it  when he saw me.


                                    He  run away  when he saw me.





beleş -  free  [ something you get free, without working for it. ] its not very polite word, but some people likes getting things without working for it.


 And we call  those type of people  as  " beleşçi " = one who lives at the expense of others, one who wants things for free.


  * Alternative to this word would be  " bedavacı "


* this word, etymologically, comes from arabic, 

 Ar bilā şayˀ بلا شيء karşılıksız, bedava  bila + şey    




bozuk  çalmak  - looking like  bored,  displeased., angry, having sullen face.


Bugün  bozuk  çalıyorsun ---> You act [look] like  angry , bored and displeased today.



bitmek  - This action may used in slang and can mean " to like something or someone so much that  going mad about it or that person.


 O arabaya bittim. ---> I liked that car so much .


note that this is slang and and might be considered as rude expression by other people. 


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2.       Faruk
1607 posts
 20 Jun 2013 Thu 04:47 pm

Can I add some more Tunci Hocam?


ayar olmak - to be pissed off, to get pissed off


Onun bu sözlerine ayar oldum - I got pissed off with his words


ineklemek - to study hard, to pound books


Sınavdan önce 3 gün inekledim - I pounded books for 3 days before the exam.


(okulu) asmak - to skip (school)


Yarın beraber okulu asalım - Let´s skip the school tomorrow


nalları dikmek - to die, to kick the bucket, to bite the dust


Dikkat et yoksa nalları dikersin - Be careful or you´ll kick the bucket


zokayı yutmak - to take the bait, to fall for a trick, to be deceived


Adam bize zokayı yutturdu - The guy made us take the bait


geyik yapmak - to chit chat, to shoot the breeze


Arkadaşlarla geyik yapıyoruz - We are shooting the breeze with friends


boynuzlamak - to cheat (in a relationship)


Karısı bu adamı boynuzlamış - His wife cheated on this man


kafayı yemek - to go crazy, to go nuts, to be out of one´s mind


Niye böyle davranıyor? Kafayı mı yedi bu? - Why is he behaving like that? Has he lost his mind?


ayvayı yemek - to be in trouble


Şimdi ayvayı yediler - Now they´re in trouble


gıcık etmek - to irritate, to annoy


Şu adam beni gıcık ediyor - That man is irritating me


filinta gibi - handsome


Şu çocuğa bak, filinta gibi - Look at that boy, he´s handsome


taş gibi - sexy, beautiful


Şu kıza bak, taş gibi - Look at that girl, she´s sexy


aval aval bakmak - to gawp, to look stupidly

Aval aval bakma, bir şeyler yap - Don´t gawp, do something


saksı - head


saksıyı çalıştırmak - to use one´s head, to think


Aval aval bakma, saksıyı çalıştır! - Don´t look stupidly, use your head!


( enough for today)

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3.       tunci
7149 posts
 20 Jun 2013 Thu 06:16 pm


Thanks Faruk Hocam, they are very useful, I reckon learners will enjoy learning and talking Turkish slang words Smile    as  we all using them time to time..


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